VMware Inc. (VMW) recently released findings from a sponsored cloud study conducted by Vanson Bourne on IT management that reveals that 69% of respondents said IT has become increasingly decentralization over the past three years, indicating that this may not be the best when it comes to cybersecurity, management and compliance issues.

Digital Transformation Puts Businesses at Risk

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company’s report concluded that the decentralization of IT puts businesses at risk, suggesting that security hasn’t maintained a top priority. Some 57% of respondents agreed that decentralization has resulted in the purchasing of nonsecure solutions. (See also: Symantec, VMware in Strategic Deal.)

VMware says that as business models are being disrupted via digital transformation and cloud-computing technology critical to keep enterprises innovative, competitive and agile, IT is struggling to keep up. “Lines of business are now purchasing IT 'as a service' to drive innovation within their domains. With this decentralization comes both opportunities and challenges. While it could empower all business units to drive innovation and ease pressure on IT, it also creates numerous management, security and compliance issues.”

VMware’s Architecture as Solution

As a greater number of organizations face pressure to move workloads off on-site data centers to the cloud, in order to increase efficiency and flexibility while increasing costs, VMware notes the issues arising at the management, security and compliance levels. VMware goes on to market its centralized platform for network, cloud, mobility and IT architectures, within the Cross Cloud Architecture.

"These survey results reflect that cloud computing is continuing to move technology beyond IT, giving lines of business easy-to-use, flexible IT services to drive innovation within their domains," said Raghu Raghuram, chief operating officer of VMware’s Cloud Services and Products Group. "VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture enables IT to help manage and control multiple clouds across an enterprise, thereby giving lines of businesses the flexibility to innovate in any environment." (See also: VMware’s Q3 Beats the Street Estimates.)

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