VMware Inc. (VMW), a leader in technology infrastructure, makes strides into the fast-growing cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging technologies space at its recently released next-generation AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management and Workspace ONE, which it displayed at the Connect 2016 conference Tuesday, reports Market Wired.

The new products will extend AirWatch into cloud-based management for traditional desktops and new-generation connected devices. Additionally, the evolved AirWatch solutions will provide users with apps and services to work digitally, embracing what VMware deems “the future of mobility.”

Reshaping the Future of Work

Since EMC-owned VMware was acquired by Dell Technologies, the company has continued to slim down core operations, selling of its vRealize Business Enterprise and IT Benchmarking solutions to global private investment firm Skyview Capital. By refocusing its core operations, VMware has directed investment into the development of cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and business mobility. (See also: VMware Sells 2 Units to Focus on Cloud.)

A VMware representative, reflecting on the “reimagined future of work,” said at Connect 2016: “In the nearly 10 years since the launch of the iPhone, enterprise mobility management has transformed from simple wipe and lock commands to a unified endpoint management platform for all devices, including Windows 10 and the Internet of Things. No longer will IT run different systems for different devices; instead we built the single platform to manage all endpoints. With scalability, security, productivity and privacy at the core, VMware is uniquely positioned to deliver on this new digital work experience.”

Consolidating Endpoint Management

VMWare’s AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management works to consolidate management tools on the cloud, replacing legacy desktop and laptop management. VMware has expanded its AirWatch solutions to traditional desktops, now branching into IoT devices, smart glasses and touchless sensors. In an increasingly mobile world, Workspace ONE facilitates remote work for modern employees and contractors by providing instant access to all enterprise apps on any device.

VMware aims to offer a holistic management framework incorporating data, cloud and mobile interactivity. The tech company’s most recent action in line with this initiative is the expansion of its AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management and Workspace ONE solutions at the Connect 2016 conference. (See also: IBM, VMWare Partnership Inks Major Cloud Deal.)

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