Strategy Video: What Extreme Volatility Means for Risk, S&P 500 and EURUSD

By DailyFx | Updated June 06, 2014 AAA -

Talking Points:

• The VIX Volatility Index closed at its lowest level in 7 years and the FX measure at a record low Friday

• This extraordinary reading is a reflection for market conditions as well as the maturity of trends

• Looking beyond 'complacency' we find just how extreme traders are positioning around volatility

With the markets pushing extreme volatility readings, it is important to have both range and breakout strategies. We have created automated strategies for both range and breakout that give signals on DailyFX-Plus and trade on Mirror Trader.

Volatility in the equity market collapsed to a fresh 7-year low, while its FX equivalent dropped to a record low. Yet, rather than calm, these extraordinarily low levels project extraordinary risk. Looking beyond the 'complacency' assessment, the positioning in this drive to anemic levels of fear reflects a building leverage in market exposure and confidence that threatens disaster should markets slip. In the weekend Strategy Video, we look at what these volatility measures mean for market conditions, the extreme trading taking place in these seemingly placid readings and the trading opportunities that it presents.

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