Markets targeting a February 2015 for first BoE hike - RBS

By | Updated August 13, 2014 AAA

FXStreet (Bali) - Ross Walker, Senior UK Economist at RBS, shares his view on the BoE Inflation Report, noting that markets are now targeting a February 2015 for first hike.

Key Quotes

"The August Inflation Report brought only a marginally more dovish inflation outlook but this was enough to prompt a significant retreat by financial markets, which scuttled away from November 2014 and towards February 2015 for the first Bank Rate hike."

"There is a sense from some quarters of growing frustration with the MPC and its guidance framework. There is something surreal, even medieval, about theoretical arguments over unknown, unquantifiable changes in unobservable variables such as the output gap or the NAIRU."

"Far better, in our view, to focus more on underlying wage inflation trends, which continue to look extremely benign."

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