FXStreet (Bali) - Obama has authorized targeted airstrikes to protect American personnel in Iraq on Thursday, Reuters reports, resulting is some risk off plays picking up steam, with the Yen the most benefited.

Further headlines courtesy of Reuters

Obama says he authorized targeted airstrikes to protect American personnel in Iraq on Thursday

Says I.S. forces have called for destruction of Yazidi people, says US must act and act now

Says Iraqi government requested help to prevent massacre; says US needs to act to prevent potential act of genocide

Says American aircraft dropping aid for Yazidi; says he has authorized targeted airstrikes where needed

Says will not allow US to be dragged into fighting another war in Iraq; says combat troops will not return to Iraq

US can and should support moderate forces that can bring stability to Iraq
Says once Iraq has new government, US will work with partners to provide more support

Says when the lives of Americans are at risk, and when thousands of civilians are at risk, US will take action

Says takes no decision more seriously than use of military force; has been careful to resist calls to turn to military

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