FXStreet (Córdoba) - The US dollar finished Friday and the week lower across the baord. Greenback weakened during the American session as stocks in the US rebounded and turned positive. The Kiwi, the Loonie and the Yen were the best performers.

The EUR/USD finished Friday barely below 1.3650, near weekly highs and moving away from the 1.3580, short-term support. The euro recovered versus the Swiss Franc and also climbed against the Pound on Friday, but EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF finished the week with marginal changes.

Among commodity currencies the Aussie was the worst performer but the AUD/USD managed to end above 0.9400. The USD/CAD dropped further below 1.0700 on Friday and bottomed at 1.0658, a fresh 5-month low. The NZD/USD finished flat on Friday but posted the highest weekly close since July 2011.

The yen was among the best performers favored by the break of the USD/JPY of the 101.70 support level. The pair finished trading in ranges around 101.30 and 101.50, having the worst week in months. Price action remains limited in Yen crosses but next week volatility could soar considering that key US economic data will be release, including Non-Farm payrolls.

Main headlines in the American session

USD/JPY consolidating below 101.50

EUR/USD better bid into closing hours

Euro-zone data mixed - BBH

GBP/USD holds onto 1.70 handle into closing hours

NZD/USD anchoring in for next weeks roller-coaster

AUD/USD falling back onto ascending support

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