FXStreet (Moscow) - USD/CHF opened the day at 0.8990, made an attempt to break above 0.90, but haven’t succeeded yet.

US data gives no fuel

While EUR/GBP refreshes new lows it haven’t translated into the euro weakness, thus, the strong resistance at 0.90 is still intact. However, if the cross manages to come closer to 0.80 area, it will definitely triggers some waves in the market with the possibility of the Swissy weakness, and the pair move to the nearest resistance level at 0.9030. Retail sales from the US are on tap today, however, only significant deviations from the forecasts may fuel some volatility in the pair.

What are today’s key USD/CHF levels?

Today's central pivot point can be found at 0.8996 with support below at 0.8980, 0.8962, and 0.8946, with resistance above at 0.9014, 0.9030, and 0.9048. Hourly Moving Averages are largely bullish, with the 200SMA at 0.8968 and the daily 20EMA bullish at 0.8944. Hourly RSI is bullish at 50.

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