FXStreet (Moscow) - USD/CHF opened the day at 0.9072, ans spent most of the time trading around having spiked up and down, but still at 0.9075 area at the moment.

Cozy range

Despite the broad-based popularity of the USD, the pair is not ready to leave cozy 80-pip August range limited by 0.9030 at the bottom and 0.9110 to the upside. The pair had no opportunity to break it out yesterday, and hardly will have one today, as the economic calendar is extremely light, and we have only US Jobless Claims left for today to digest. Only significant misses may trigger the needed volatility. If not the pair may stay range-bound with the nearest resistance at 0.9102, and support at 0.9044.

What are today’s key USD/CHF levels?

Today's central pivot point can be found at 0.9072 with support below at 0.9044, 0.9014 and 0.8986, with resistance above at 0.9102, 0.9130, and 0.9160. Hourly Moving Averages are bullish, with the 200SMA at 0.9077 and the daily 20EMA flat at 0.9046. Hourly RSI is bullish at 46.

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