Budgeting & Savings

  1. Investment Multiplier

    The term investment multiplier refers to the concept that any increase in public or private investment spending has a more ...
  2. Marketing Mix

    Usually referring to E. Jerome McCarthy's 4 P classification for developing an effective marketing strategy, which encompasses: ...
  3. Average Daily Rate - ADR

    A metric widely used in the hospitality industry to indicate the average realized room rental per day. Average daily rate ...
  4. Equated Monthly Installment - EMI

    A fixed payment amount made by a borrower to a lender at a specified date each calendar month. Equated monthly installments ...
  5. Family Offices

    Family offices are private wealth management advisory firms that serve ultra-high net worth investors. Family offices are ...
  6. Total Cost Of Ownership - TCO

    The purchase price of an asset plus the costs of operation. When choosing among alternatives in a purchasing decision, buyers ...
  7. Financial Institution - FI

    An establishment that focuses on dealing with financial transactions, such as investments, loans and deposits. Conventionally, ...
  8. Vendor

    The party in the supply chain that makes goods and services available to companies or consumers. The term vendor is typically ...
  9. Brand Personality

    A set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name. A brand personality is something to which the consumer ...
  10. U.S. Airlines Enter Bear Markets (UAL, AAL)

    U.S. airline carriers with international exposure could offer excellent short sales after oversold technical readings work ...
  11. Auto Loans Surpass $1T Mark, Registration at All-Time High

    New vehicle registrations have hit a record high in the U.S. So have automotive loans.
  12. All Three U.S Car Makers See Canadian Sales Grow (F, GM)

    Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler were all able to post increased sales in Canada for the month of June.
  13. VW Brand Chief Won't Resign Amid Probe (VLKAY)

    Volkswagen is taking steps to leave the emissions scandal behind but it won't see its brand chief resign. Herbert Diess told ...
  14. 3 Best Staycation Ideas for Seattle

    Discover ways to have an ideal staycation in Seattle, such as taking a bicycle tour of the city, and visiting the Pacific ...
  15. GM Climbs Despite Weak June Auto Sales (GM, F)

    A 1.6% decline in June auto sales didn't keep shares of General Motors from moving more than 2% higher Friday.
  16. Toyota Suffers 5.6% Drop in June Auto Sales (TM)

    Toyota, whose June sales declined 5.6%, was one of the worst performers among the major auto manufacturers.
  17. Ford Stock Drives Higher on June Auto Sales (F)

    Ford reported June U.S. auto sales that suggest the automaker is not losing ground to competitors to the extent investors ...
  18. Google Wants to 'Human-Proof' Its Self-Driving Car (GOOGL, TSLA)

    Google wants to protect human drivers from themselves and from each other.
  19. Tesla Stock Rebounds From Autopilot Investigation (TSLA)

    Tesla stock recovered from Thursday's losses due to an investigation by NHTSA for a death related to its autopilot technology ...
  20. Are Online Travel Stocks' High Multiples Sensible? (PCLN, EXPE)

    Learn how robust EBITDA growth and fewer threats from disruptors have enabled online travel companies to maintain higher ...
  21. Gas Prices at 11-Year Low for July 4th Weekend

    Americans have more than BBQs and fireworks to look forward to this fourth of July weekend.
  22. Declare Your Own Financial Independence Day

    Financial independence is not easy, but it is there for the taking with hard work and careful planning.
  23. Top 5 Differences Between Business and First Class

    Is it worth the extra cost to fly first class instead of business class?
  24. Is Tesla Losing Money Each Time It Sells a Car? (TSLA)

    Discover the plight of Tesla Motors Inc., including the challenges the electric vehicle manufacturer faces as it seeks to ...
  25. Is General Motors Stock Really a Buy? (GM)

    Learn about the challenges faced by General Motors Company and the changing dynamic of the auto industry as innovation draws ...
  26. Intel Looks for Growth in Self-Driving Cars (INTC, MBLY)

    Getting in early on possibly the market's next growth battleground sets Intel far apart from other chip companies like Qualcomm ...
  27. Amazon Quietly Expands Private Labels (AMZN)

    Amazon.com Inc. quietly launched two new brands this week. These brands sell coffee and baby food and are Amazon's first ...
  28. Hertz Partners With Uber and Lyft (HTZ)

    Hertz partners with Uber and Lyft to provide would-be drivers with long-term rentals.
  29. 5 Top Business Schools in America

    These schools produce many of the most successful business grads and offer some of the best education in business and management. ...
  30. I Make $100K a Year - How Much Rent Can I Afford?

    You know your salary, but how much should you be spending on rent? Here's how to figure it out.
  31. GM's Market Share Hurt By Lack Of Trucks, SUVs (GM)

    General Motors could see its market share in the U.S. erode as it reels from lack of supply for trucks and SUVs.
  32. Intel, Mobileye Team Up On Self-Driving Cars (INTC, MBLY)

    Intel and Mobileye are teaming up to make self-driving technology for BMW. The companies are slated to officially announce ...
  33. 5 Vacation Discounts for Retirees

    Now that you’re retired, you can take a vacation whenever you want (unless, of course, you signed up for grandkid daycare). ...
  34. American Stress Over Personal Finances at Record Levels

    According to a new Marketplace-Edison Research poll, Americans are stressed about their personal finances and believe the ...
  35. A Volkswagen Compensation Guide for Car Owners (VLKAY)

    Here’s what an affected Volkswagen car owner in the U.S. can expect to receive from the Volkswagen buyback and compensation ...
  36. 3 Reasons Costco Has Membership Fees

    There's more to Costco's membership fees than meet the eye.
  37. Amazon Expands Dash Button Program (AMZN)

    Amazon adds 50 new brands to its Dash Button program.
  38. 10 Big Financial Planning Mistakes Parents Make

    Parenting is hard enough without having to worry about flubbing up your family's financial plan. Here are 10 common mistakes ...
  39. Affordable Staycation Ideas for Families

    Skip the crowded highways and the long airport lines and enjoy a relaxed – and money-saving – family staycation.
  40. Lyft Hires Investment Bank For Potential Stake Sale (GM)

    Lyft has tapped Qatalyst Partners for potential sale of stake in the company. Backer GM is named as a potential suitor.
  41. Volkswagen Plans $15 Billion Emissions Settlement (VLKAY)

    Volkswagen settlement will settle lawsuits with consumers, regulators and other parties over the emissions scandal.
  42. Uber Offers Upfront Pricing in Quest for Transparency

    Uber revises its practice of surge pricing by telling riders upfront how much they will pay for service.
  43. Ford Faces Calls For Compensation From Indonesian Dealers (F)

    Indonesian car dealers are crying afoul about the carmaker's decision to exit the market.
  44. How Brexit Will Affect Travel to Europe

    The Brexit vote is likely to cause travel to London to get much less expensive in the near term.
  45. 10 Global Regions Experimenting with Driverless Cars

    Read about how 10 countries have been experimenting with driverless cars, and learn about some of the technology that comes ...
  46. Large-Cap Companies: Less Growth Potential Than Amazon? (AMZN)

    Learn why one analyst believes Amazon.com may be the largest U.S. company by market cap by 2020, and why he may be overestimating ...
  47. 5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Job Online

    With so many jobs being advertised online, it pays to know your way around an online job search. Here's what you need to ...
  48. Brexit Will Make Cars and Wine More Expensive For Brits

    European Union import tariffs will make cars and wine become more expensive for British consumers.
  49. Does Lack of Innovation Matter for Apple? (AAPL)

    analyze if Apple has ever been an innovation company
  50. Kia Top-rated Car in J.D. Power's Car Quality Survey (GM, F)

    Kia Motors scored the highest in J.D. Power's 2016 U.S. Initial Quality Study, while three U.S. car makers improved.
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