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  1. 6 Worst Financial Mistakes and Why You Made Them

    Many of our worst financial mistakes spring from the best intentions.
  2. Unions call for ouster of Southwest CEO, COO; Shares Slip (LUV)

    Four of Southwest's largest unions are calling for a change of leadership at the low-cost carrier.
  3. 5 Landscaping Tips that Won’t Break the Bank

    Are you considering selling your home this summer? Then you should get your landscape in shape. Here are five secrets to ...
  4. The Time to Think about Thanksgiving Flights Is Now

    It's not too soon to shop for Thanksgiving flights.
  5. 4 Keystone Money Habits to Establish

    Adopting these four keystone habits can lead people to build very strong strategies when it comes to personal finance management.
  6. Looking for a Tuition-Free College? Move Abroad

    College tuition abroad is free in some cases, allowing students to get a debt-free jump on life. But you might need to brush ...
  7. Priceline Earnings Coming Up: What to Expect? (PCLN)

    The reason for investors' confidence has to do with the fact that, in its last four reporting periods, Priceline has beaten ...
  8. Millennial Women Falling Behind in Saving for Retirement

    Millennials are putting money away for retirement, but a study by T. Rowe Price shows female millennials aren't doing as ...
  9. 8 Essential Four-Letter Words for Financial Health

    By embracing these four-letter words, you can take the steps necessary to improve your financial health.
  10. Tesla Posts Wider Q2 Loss But Beats Production Target (TSLA, SCTY)

    The electric car maker reported a wider-than-expected second quarter loss - its thirteen straight losing quarter .
  11. Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz Brand Bucks the Trend with U.S. Sales Up in July

    Luxury sedans drive record monthly sales for the auto maker, contrary to industry trend toward pickups and SUVs
  12. Zero-Based Budgeting - ZBB

    A method of budgeting in which all expenses must be justified for each new period. Zero-based budgeting starts from a "zero ...
  13. Time Deposit

    A savings account or certificate of deposit (CD) held for a fixed-term, with the understanding that the depositor can make ...
  14. Savings Account

    A deposit account held at a bank or other financial institution that provides principal security and a modest interest rate. ...
  15. Personal Income

    Total compensation received by an individual. Personal income includes compensation from a number of sources - salaries, ...
  16. Original Equipment Manufacturer - OEM

    1. The original definition: a company whose products are used as components in another company's product. The OEM will generally ...
  17. Money Market Account

    An interest-bearing account that typically pays a higher interest rate than a savings account, and which provides the account ...
  18. Activity-Based Budgeting - ABB

    A method of budgeting in which the activities that incur costs in every functional area of an organization are recorded and ...
  19. Law Of Supply And Demand

    A theory explaining the interaction between the supply of a resource and the demand for that resource. The law of supply ...
  20. Lemons Problem

    The issue of information asymmetry between the buyer and seller of an investment or product. Lemons problem was popularized ...
  21. IRR Rule

    A measure for evaluating whether to proceed with a project or investment. The IRR rule states that if the internal rate of ...
  22. Budget Surplus

    A situation in which income exceeds expenditures. The term "budget surplus" is most commonly used to refer to the financial ...
  23. Demand Deposit

    Funds held in an account from which deposited funds can be withdrawn at any time without any advance notice to the depository ...
  24. Electronic Communication Network (ECN)

    An electronic system that attempts to eliminate the role of a third party in executing orders entered by an exchange market ...
  25. Cash Budget

    An estimation of the cash inflows and outflows for a business or individual for a specific period of time. Cash budgets are ...
  26. Gantt Chart

    A Gantt chart is a visual representation of a project schedule. A type of bar chart, a Gantt charts show the start and finish ...
  27. 5 Financial Planning Decisions You Won't Regret

    From growing your personal savings to hiring a financial planner, here are five indispensable personal finance tips for your ...
  28. Tesla Motors Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (TSLA, SCTY)

    Tesla Motors has retained intense shareholder loyalty while the stock has transitioned from market darling to perennial laggard.
  29. How to Fund Your HSA with IRA Dollars

    From a retirement planning perspective, a free lunch can refer to the relatively unknown one-time IRA to HSA transfer.
  30. Crowdfunding's New Store: Amazon Adds Kickstarter (AMZN)

    Amazon Launchpad introduces Kickstarter Collection with over 300 products created and crowdfunded on Kickstarter.
  31. South Korea Suspends Sales of Volkswagen Vehicles (VLKAY)

    South Korean authorities have revoked all certifications related to 80 models, equivalent to 83,000 vehicles.
  32. Apple Wins in the Uber and Didi Chuxing Merger (AAPL)

    What was seen then as a subtle political gesture, aimed to strengthen Apple's relationship with the Chinese government, has ...
  33. Why Your Cell Phone Bill Is So High (T, S, TMUS, VZ)

    Your cell phone bill is going up because the price war among wireless carriers is ending.
  34. AutoNation Numbers Confirm U.S. Auto Sales Slump (AN)

    AutonNation has provided the latest evidence that demand for cars and trucks in the U.S. is slowing.
  35. Analyzing Economic Trends Will Help You Save Money

    It may seem like a tactic for active traders, but following economic trends can help you save and make money.
  36. America’s Epidemic of Financial Avoidance

    According to several surveys, many Americans have an aversion to taking control of their financial well-being. And, unsurprisingly, ...
  37. 5 Countries Where the USD Is Commonly Accepted

    In these five countries, the U.S. dollar is either the official currency or is used alongside native currencies for transactions.
  38. European Terrorism Weighs on Priceline’s Forecasts (PCLN, EXPE)

    Terrorist attacks in Europe are weighing on travel companies and could hurt Priceline's forecast for the remainder of the ...
  39. 5 Best iPhone Finance Apps for 2016

    Discover the best and latest iPhone apps available in the personal finance category for 2016, offering everything from basic ...
  40. 5 Free Ways to Learn New Skills Online

    Stay sharp and up to speed with today's valuable skills on these five, completely free online platforms.
  41. The Infinite Shelf

    The infinite shelf refers to the virtually unlimited extent and range of products available in e-commerce stores as opposed ...
  42. Can Direct Consolidation Loans be deferred?

    Student loans bundled into direct consolidation loans may be deferred under certain circumstances.
  43. Aviation Experts Warn Self-Driving Cars to Stall (TSLA)

    After a recent crash of a Tesla in autopilot mode, many have come out to warn car manufacturers. Aviation experts are the ...
  44. Ford's Q2 Profit Falls 9% on Weak China Sales (F)

    The Detroit-based automaker spooked investors by hinting that U.S. auto sales could be slowing down, sending its shares tumbling ...
  45. Amazon's Q2 Earnings Coming Up: What to Expect? (AMZN)

    Performance of Amazon's AWS cloud platform will be a key component of this quarter.
  46. Where Should 60-Somethings Hold Cash for Safety?

    Those nearing retirement often consider allocating part of their capital to cash instruments. Here are some tips on how to ...
  47. Detroit Auto Show Loses Volkswagen’s Porsche (VLKAY)

    Volkswagen's Porsche is shunning the Detroit Auto Show in 2017, saying the costs aren't worth it.
  48. The High Tax on Carsharing

    Some cities tax carsharing services, such as Zipcar, much more heavily than other forms of transportation. See if yours is ...
  49. Student Loan Forgiveness: How Does It Work?

    With student loan debt at an all-time high, more graduates are considering loan forgiveness programs.
  50. Are student loans amortized?

    Student loans typically get paid back over time on a fixed payment, or amortized, schedule.
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