Credit, Loans & Mortgages

  1. Credit Report vs. Credit Score: What You Need to Know

    Here's the difference between a credit report and credit score, and which is more important.
  2. Self Employed? 5 Steps to Scoring a Mortgage

    Convince lenders that you're a good bet despite your lack of a steady income.
  3. Top Tips to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

    It's hard to completely prevent thieves from committing fraud in your name, but there are ways to make it much more difficult ...
  4. Getting A Mortgage in Your 20s

    You're probably moving a lot and still paying off your student loans. Is it crazy to get a mortgage in your 20s? Here's how ...
  5. Is House Price or Interest Rate More Important?

    Deciding which factor is more important can make a difference in monthly payments, ability to move and Homowner's Association ...
  6. CDOs and the Mortgage Market

    These structured products contribute to keeping borrowing rates low.
  7. Managing Personal Finances: Your Annual Self-Check

    Taking a step back and assessing your personal finances each year can show how well you're doing with saving and what's needed ...
  8. The Pros And Cons Of A 15-Year Mortgage

    The shorter term, and higher monthly payment, are only part of the picture.
  9. JPMorgan Chase Levels to Watch After Earnings (JPM, BAC)

    JPMorgan has rallied into a test of the 2015 bull market high ahead of earnings, but a breakout may have to wait until a ...
  10. Taking Your Personal Financial Inventory

    Taking a step back and assessing your personal finances each year can show how well you're doing with saving and what's needed ...
  11. Too Much Debt For a Mortgage?

    Just because a lender is willing to offer you a loan doesn't mean you should take it.
  12. How to Make Your Car Less of an Expense

    The cost of a car can be a sinkhole for your money. Here are a few ways to save money when you're buying your next car.
  13. Subprime Auto Delinquency Rates on the Rise (NICK, CPSS)

    Fitch Ratings reports that delinquency rates for auto loans are nearing 2008 crisis level. What's driving the surge of default? ...
  14. 5 Important Pieces of Debt Advice for the Unemployed

    When you're unemployed and barely making ends meet, smart debt advice can help you stay on top of your payments and protect ...
  15. Jumbo Loan

    A mortgage with a loan amount exceeding the conforming loan limits set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and, ...
  16. Can’t Make Mortgage Payments? These Programs Could Help

    If you can't make your mortgage payments, there are a number of programs designed to help you get back on your financial ...
  17. Easiest and Hardest Cities for Getting a Mortgage

    Since the housing market crash of 2007, tight credit has made it harder to finance a home. Here are the 5 easiest and hardest ...
  18. 5 Ways to Get Maximum Student Financial Aid

    Getting the best possible package for a college fund depends on minimizing assets and maximizing the energy you use to find ...
  19. How to Make Credit Card Rewards Worth It

    Credit card rewards may make the price of a premium card worth it, but only if you spend enough. Be sure to do the math before ...
  20. When Are Mortgage Lenders Better Than Banks?

    Individuals seeking a mortgage loan should consider factors or circumstances that may make a mortgage lender a better choice ...
  21. Incomes Rising Faster Than Home Prices, Inflation Next?

    Home prices have been rising at a faster clip than incomes, a trend caused in part by the Great Recession, which has led ...
  22. 5 Best Credit Cards for Groceries (AXP, BAC)

    These five credit cards with cash-back reward programs offer consumers a great way to capitalize on everyday purchases such ...
  23. 3 Reasons Why Mobile Homes Are Gaining Popularity

    Mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular because they are relatively inexpensive, can be built quickly and have made ...
  24. 4 Common Banking Habits of Millennials

    Here’s how the banking habits of millennials differ substantially from those of previous generations.
  25. Why Retirees Are Carrying More Debt Than Ever

    As people reach retirement they are carrying more debt than ever before. Why and what to watch for.
  26. Analysts See LendingTree Stalling (TREE)

    Analysts are growing increasingly cautious over LendingTree Inc.’s future.
  27. The Benefits of a Mortgage in Low Rate Environment

    The idea of simply paying off the mortgage has become an antiquated way of thinking due to the current low interest rate ...
  28. How Much Cheaper are Bitcoin Fees than Credit Card Fees?

    Bitcoin transaction fees are starting to rise as the network gets backlogged due to more usage, but are still much lower ...
  29. Is It Bad to Have a Lien on Your House?

    Liens attach to an asset, not an individual, and are intended to protect creditors. And they can be removed.
  30. How Do Mortgage Lenders Get Paid and Make Money?

    When homebuyers educate themselves on how mortgage lenders get paid and make money, they are more likely to save thousands ...
  31. Are travel rewards credit cards worth it?

    A travel rewards credit card may be worth it depending on how frequently you travel and whether you can afford to spend on ...
  32. Do Credit Unions Offer the Best Auto Loan Rates?

    Credit unions' auto loan rates are often lower than the rates at dealerships and traditional banks. Learn the pros and cons ...
  33. Deutsche Bank Extends Tesla $300M Credit Line (TSLA, SCTY)

    Tesla has entered into an agreement with Deutsche Bank to borrow up to $300 million for its vehicle leasing program.
  34. Fed Beige Book Calls Economic Expansion "Modest"

    The Fed described economic growth, a key issue In the presidential elections, as modest or moderate in most of its 12 districts
  35. Are balance transfers worth it?

    Balance transfers on credit cards are often a way to save a lot of money over the short and medium term.
  36. Land Loans: 3 Things to Know Before You Buy Land

    Getting a loan for land involves getting land surveys, determining its intended use, and obtaining terms from banks, credit ...
  37. Counteroffer

    A type of offer made in response to another offer, which was seen as unacceptable. A counteroffer revises the initial offer, ...
  38. Backlog

    A build-up of work that needs to be taken care of. The term "backlog" has a number of uses in finance. It may refer to a ...
  39. Asset Management

    1. The management of a client's investments by a financial services company, usually an investment bank. The company will ...
  40. 5 Best Banks for Home Loans (FRME, RF)

    Here are the five best banks for home loans, broken down into the best 30-year fixed, 15-year fixed, 5/1 ARM, FHA and VA ...
  41. Mortgage Payments Don't Decrease Over Time (Most of the Time)

    Mortgage payments do not decrease over time in most cases. However, their composition changes in other ways, such as having ...
  42. 5 Best Companies to Refinance Your Car (STI)

    High interest on a car loan can cost you money that you could be using to pay down other bills. Check out the best auto refinance ...
  43. MasterCard vs. AMEX Platinum Card: Which Has Better Benefits? (MA, AXP)

    Both are good choices, but which is best?
  44. 4 Ways to Get the Best Auto Loan Deals

    With interest rates near historical lows, it's a great time to buy a car. Here is how to get the very best deal on an auto ...
  45. 2016's 5 Most Comfortable Cars Under $30,000 (HMC, F)

    The best cars under $30,000 come in a variety of styles and sizes, from practical, compact sport utility vehicles to nimble, ...
  46. Is Credit Karma Safe and Secure?

    Although Credit Karma has developed numerous security measures, it has unclear privacy policy terms and has had previous ...
  47. How do travel rewards cards work?

    Travel reward credit cards use a points-based system to help consumers earn bonuses and other incentives, such as airline ...
  48. How the Firestone Credit Card Works: Benefits & Rewards

    The Firestone credit card offers customers a way to finance car repairs and new tires.
  49. How to Deal With Negative Equity on a Car Loan

    The dangers of having a negative equity car loan are real. Here's how to get out from under it.
  50. Here's How to Get a Car With No Down Payment

    Here are some ways that you can buy a car with no down payment while also avoiding higher interest rates.
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