Credit, Loans & Mortgages

  1. Approval Response

    An approval code sent to a point of sale terminal that verifies that a credit or debit card has sufficient funds to make ...
  2. What are some historical examples of debt securitization?

    Find out how debt securitization started, how it works and why the government facilitated the mortgage-backed security market ...
  3. 5 Times Cash Rewards Credit Cards Come In Handy

    Using a credit card with cash rewards during emergencies can help you get through tough times, buy you time to pay off costs ...
  4. Schumer Box

    A table that appears in credit card agreements showing basic information about the card’s rates and fees.
  5. Batch Credit Card Processing

    The process of a merchant processing all of its authorized credit card transactions for the day after the close of business.
  6. Credit Card Posting

    Adding recent transactions to a consumer’s credit card account.
  7. Merchant Agreement

    A contract between a business and a credit card service provider.
  8. American Express's Main Competition

    American Express competes with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Financial Services in the credit card space. It also competes ...
  9. How do I decide whether a credit card offer is a good deal or not?

    Understand which aspects of a credit card agreement make accepting a new credit card offer a good deal or one that should ...
  10. How do I negotiate a lower annual percentage rate (APR) with my credit card company?

    Understand why it's necessary to negotiate lower interest rates on your credit cards, and learn the techniques you can use ...
  11. How legitimate are companies that advertise debt consolidation for all my credit cards?

    Discover whether companies that advertise debt consolidation services are legitimate. Some may take advantage of people who ...
  12. What are the risks involved in a banker's acceptance?

    Find out what a banker's acceptance is, how it works, and why it should be considered a safe and liquid money market instrument.
  13. Stipulated Judgment

    A court order that requires one party to pay another party a specified amount of money.
  14. Mixed File

    A credit bureau record that contains more than one consumer’s information.
  15. Open Loop Card

    A credit card, debit card or gift card that a consumer can use to make purchases anywhere that card is generally accepted.
  16. Re-Aging Debt

    Restarting the clock on a debt’s statute of limitations.
  17. Total Finance Charge

    The amount of money a consumer pays for borrowing money on a credit card.
  18. Credit Cards That Will Get You First Class Flights

    It's getting harder and harder to be upgraded to first or business class on airlines. Here are some credit cards that may ...
  19. Dos And Don'ts Of Selling A House

    Tips for selling your house in the shortest time possible and for the best price
  20. Why are simple-interest loans preferred by payday loan companies and pawn shops?

    Read about simple interest loans, how they function, and some of the loan products or contracts that are most likely to carry ...
  21. What are some reasons banks deny applications for checking accounts?

    Learn what information banks keep on file for their customers, and understand how this information can be used to deny an ...
  22. How does revolving credit differ from a general line of credit?

    Understand what a revolving credit account is and what a general line of credit is, and learn the differences between the ...
  23. How can I calculate compounding interest on a loan in Excel?

    Find out about compound interest and how to use the compounding interest formula in Microsoft Excel to calculate the compound ...
  24. Why 50 Is The Perfect Age To Start A Business

    Entrepreneurs typically have more experience, more collateral, and more connections when they are in their fifties, and are ...
  25. Swimming Pools: Costs Vs. Long-Term Value

    Consider the costs of installing and maintaining a swimming pool, and compare this with the pool's utility and the market ...
  26. What is the purpose of liquidation?

    Read about the role of liquidation in corporate finance and why it encourages discipline and efficiency in a market economy.
  27. What is the difference between secured and unsecured debt?

    Understand the difference between secured and unsecured debt and how the reliability and trustworthiness of the issuing entity ...
  28. What are the differences between debit cards and credit cards?

    Learn how the major difference between a debit card and a credit card is where the money comes from when a customer makes ...
  29. How does lower borrowing costs affect new airlines in the aerospace industry?

    Explore how lower borrowing costs can help new airlines afford to purchase or lease aircraft and pay for salaries, fuel and ...
  30. Mortgage Vs. Student Loan Vs. Saving

    With low-interest rate loans, you might be better off paying just your monthly minimum and investing whatever extra funds ...
  31. What's the difference between a collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) and a mortgage-backed security (MBS)?

    Find out more about collateralized mortgage obligations and mortgage-backed securities and the difference between the two ...
  32. What is the difference between continuous compounding and discrete compounding?

    Learn to differentiate between and calculate the continuous and discrete compounding formulas for interest-generating investments ...
  33. Understanding FHA Home Loans

    Don't be overwhelmed when filling out these forms. Find out what you need to do here.
  34. Is the prime rate in the US different from the federal funds rate?

    Learn how the federal funds rate affects fluctuations in the prime rate and how following your bank's prime rate can help ...
  35. Why is moral hazard so prevalent in the financial services industry?

    Learn the key factors that cause moral hazard to be prevalent in the financial services industry and how asymmetric information ...
  36. What is the difference between compulsory and voluntary liquidation?

    Learn about the primary differences between voluntary liquidation and compulsory liquidation, two ways of selling off company ...
  37. You Should Care About The Rising Cost Of College

    It’s nearly graduation season, so it’s time to weigh in on why you should care about rising college costs, paying for tuition ...
  38. Construction Loan

    A short-term loan used to finance the building of a home or another real estate project.
  39. Do creditors have the same rights in all 50 US states?

    Learn more about the rights of creditors to pursue their debts; how they may vary from state to state and how they are regulated ...
  40. Were collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs) responsible for the financial crisis of 2008?

    Learn how collateralized mortgage obligations helped to fuel the 2008 financial crisis, and see how many failed to understand ...
  41. What should ordinary borrowers know about the prime rate?

    Learn more about how prime rates are used in consumer lending and how consumers may obtain better interest rates at or near ...
  42. How can an investor reduce interest rate risk?

    Learn about the different ways investors can reduce interest rate risk. Locking in interest rates increases certainty for ...
  43. What do creditors have to report to credit bureaus?

    Protect your credit score by understanding how creditors report information about your debts and payments, which can affect ...
  44. 5 Ways To Raise Your Business Credit Score

    Making a business eligible for loans/credit cards at the best possible rates requires crafting an excellent credit profile ...
  45. Behavioral Modeling

    Using available and relevant consumer and business spending data to estimate future behavior.
  46. Business Guarantee

    A credit card agreement in which any debts accrued on a corporate card are considered the sole responsibility of the business. ...
  47. Combined Guarantee

    A credit card agreement in which any debts accrued on the card are considered the responsibility of more than one party.
  48. Revolving Line of Credit

    A revolving line of credit is an arrangement made between a company or an individual and a bank to borrow money on a short-term ...
  49. Earn Credit Card Rewards For Paying Student Loans

    Could you get bonuses or lush cash back rewards by using your credit card to pay your student loan debt? Here's how it works ...
  50. Authorization Only

    A type of sale transaction that creates a pending transaction in a cardholder’s account that can be settled at a later date.
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