1. Three Steps Elon Musk Took To Become Successful

    June 23, 2015
    What steps did Elon Musk take to become the person he is today? We explore three steps that are accessible to all of us.
  2. Who Invented Apps For Smart Phones?

    June 22, 2015
    Mobile devices have radically changed how we communicate, conduct business, consume entertainment, and manage our lives, ...
  3. How Snapchat Makes Money (BABA, FB)

    June 19, 2015
    Snapchat is entirely free to users and many have never seen a single ad displayed on the app. So where is the company’s money ...
  4. Indian Tech Startups Eye The Future With Visual Recognition

    June 19, 2015
    Using visual recognition technology, Indian tech companies are hoping to help online merchants close more sales from consumers ...
  5. How to Improve Cash Flow for Good

    June 16, 2015
    Why is cash flow so important, and what steps can a business take to improve it?
  6. How Did Mark Cuban Get Rich? (YHOO)

    June 15, 2015
    From his first business to today, here’s how Mark Cuban got rich.
  7. Sole Proprietorship

    June 12, 2015
    A sole proprietorship is an unincorporated business that has one owner who pays the taxes on the profits of that business.
  8. How do venture capitalist investors view sustainable growth in a startup?

    June 12, 2015
    Discover how venture capital investors view sustainable growth in a startup. Venture capitalists look to identify startups ...
  9. Corporate Finance

    June 11, 2015
    Corporate finance is the subset of finance that involves how corporations use leverage to fund their operations and capital ...
  10. Why Is Silicon Valley A Startup Heaven?

    June 11, 2015
    Silicon Valley persists as a primary destination for tech startups. Investopedia explores why it is beneficial to start a ...
  11. The Most Innovative Entrepreneurs Of 2015

    June 11, 2015
    Investopedia provides a list of the most innovative entrepreneurs with the potential to make it big in 2015.
  12. Elon Musk's Ventures-Bringing His Visions to Life

    June 11, 2015
    Elon Musk has worked to bring to life his visions for a virtual payment system, solving our energy needs, and exploring space.
  13. 10 Ways to Improve Cash Flow from Receivables

    June 10, 2015
    Improving cash flow from receivables provides more capital for day-to-day operations and innovation. Here are 10 ways to ...
  14. Five Rules of Persistence for Entrepreneurs

    June 10, 2015
    “Anything worth attaining will require persistence,” is the first lesson of entrepreneurship.
  15. How Elon Musk Became Elon Musk

    June 10, 2015
    An overview of the early life and education of Elon Musk, one of the great innovators of our time.
  16. Production Cost

    June 5, 2015
    Production cost is any expense associated with manufacturing a good or providing a service.
  17. Asset Protection for High Net Worth Individuals

    June 5, 2015
    OK, you've made it. Here's how to hang onto it.
  18. Protect Your Idea From Angel Investors

    June 5, 2015
    If you need outside financing to grow your business, be careful about whom you decide to talk to and what information you ...
  19. How To Join An Angel Investor Group

    June 4, 2015
    If you’re new to angel investing, it often helps to join a group that can partner up on deals and spread out the due diligence ...
  20. How To Find A Smart Accountant

    June 4, 2015
    Things for entrepreneurs and small business owners to think over before hiring a tax preparer.
  21. 13 Facts You Didn't Know About Google

    June 4, 2015
    Find out more about Google Incorporated, 13 facts some people may not know about Google, including the history of and technologies ...
  22. From Startup To Blue Chip: The Success Story Of Gilead Sciences Inc.

    June 3, 2015
    Learn how Gilead Sciences went from a startup to one of the more successful pharmaceutical companies in the industry, and ...
  23. How can I protect my business from my spouse during a high net worth divorce?

    June 1, 2015
    Understand what constitutes a high-net-worth divorce, and learn how business owners can protect their companies when going ...
  24. How To Become A Renewable Energy Entrepreneur

    May 31, 2015
    The recent trend towards greener, more sustainable technology is creating many opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded individuals.
  25. RIAs: How to Talk to High-Net-Worth Entrepreneurs

    May 30, 2015
    RIAs need to think of themselves as entrepreneurs if they want to be able to attract entrepreneurs as clients.
  26. Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    May 29, 2015
    The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is usually considered the second-in-command at most corporations.
  27. Business

    May 29, 2015
    As a general term, business means the commercial activities of an individual or group engaging in some type of financial ...
  28. What risks does a business owner face under a business structure with unlimited liability?

    May 27, 2015
    Understand the types or risk a business owner faces under a business structure with unlimited liability. Learn why a business ...
  29. Risks & Rewards Of Investing In Bitcoin

    May 26, 2015
    Since Bitcoin is not a company and therefore does not have a publicly traded stock, how can you invest in it?
  30. How do I set up a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

    May 25, 2015
    Learn about the main steps in forming an LLC, including filing the articles of organization and drafting an operating agreement.
  31. Cash Budget

    May 22, 2015
    A cash budget is a plan for the inflows and outflows of cash for a business or an individual.
  32. Can I Become An Angel Investor?

    May 22, 2015
    Because of SEC rules, you already need significant assets to become an angel investor.
  33. 8 Fascinating Traits Billionaires Have In Common

    May 19, 2015
    A top-notch education isn't enough to strike it rich. Nothing compares to learning the habits of the world's famous entrepreneurs ...
  34. What are some good resources to help entrepreneurs develop a business model?

    May 18, 2015
    Find out what resources are available for developing a small business model; learn what websites contain useful information ...
  35. Business Model

    May 16, 2015
    Business model is the term for a company’s plan as to how it will earn revenue.
  36. What business structures expose entrepreneurs to unlimited liability?

    May 15, 2015
    Learn which types of business structures present the greatest amount of risk through unlimited liability to the owner or ...
  37. Is ‘Free’ the Best Price for Online Financial Advice?

    May 15, 2015
    For many investors, robo-advisors may be a better deal than traditional financial advisors, though they should know what ...
  38. Why should I register as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) if I am self-employed and have no employees?

    May 14, 2015
    Understand the benefits a self-employed individual can gain through registering a sole proprietorship as a limited liability ...
  39. How often should I measure my company's key performance metrics (KPIs)?

    May 13, 2015
    Understand what types of key performance indicators can be measured more than once a month and what indicators should be ...
  40. Top Money Management Apps For 2015

    May 13, 2015
    Spenders who should be keeping better track of their cash flow will benefit the most from these money management apps.
  41. How does an entrepreneur choose a business structure?

    May 12, 2015
    Learn what business structures are available to entrepreneurs, and learn the process for making the most appropriate selection ...
  42. Is Bitcoin Mining Still Profitable?

    May 11, 2015
    Recent changes in technology and the creation of professional mining centers individual miners are asking themselves, is ...
  43. Why 50 Is The Perfect Age To Start A Business

    May 8, 2015
    Entrepreneurs typically have more experience, more collateral, and more connections when they are in their fifties, and are ...
  44. Top 10 Most Developed Cities in the U.S

    May 8, 2015
    Want to know where to live, work, or play? If so, the following information might be of great value to you.
  45. In the context of a startup, what is sustainable growth?

    May 8, 2015
    Understand what sustainable growth means for a startup. Learn what a startup needs to do if its growth rate is above or below ...
  46. How important is sustainable growth for the long-term future of a startup?

    May 8, 2015
    Understand the importance of sustainable growth to the long-term future of a startup. Learn the benefits and drawbacks of ...
  47. Can Bitcoin Kill Central Banks?

    May 7, 2015
    Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer unofficial currency that operates without government or central bank oversight. Can Bitcoin kill ...
  48. The Economics Of Tesla Batteries (TSLA)

    May 7, 2015
    Last week, Tesla announced its own line of commercial and residential batteries, called the PowerWall series, proving once ...
  49. Can The SEC Impact The Future Of Bitcoin Start-ups?

    May 6, 2015
    Could New SEC Regulations Pave the Way for Investing in Bitcoin Startups?
  50. What are the most commonly used key performance metrics (KPIs) for small business owners?

    May 4, 2015
    Learn the most commonly used key performance indicators (KPIs) in small business management to determine the success of business ...
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Hot Definitions
  1. North American Free Trade Agreement - NAFTA

    A regulation implemented on Jan. 1, 1994, that decreased and eventually eliminated tariffs to encourage economic activity ...
  2. Trickle-Down Theory

    An economic idea which states that decreasing marginal and capital gains tax rates - especially for corporations, investors ...
  3. Derivative

    A security with a price that is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets.
  4. Fiduciary

    A fiduciary is a person who acts on behalf of another person, or persons to manage assets.
  5. Sharpe Ratio

    The Sharpe Ratio is a measure for calculating risk-adjusted return, and this ratio has become the industry standard for such ...
  6. Death Taxes

    Taxes imposed by the federal and/or state government on someone's estate upon their death. These taxes are levied on the ...
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