1. Is it Time to Take Your Company to Shark Tank?

    December 4, 2015
    Understand the key factors an entrepreneur should consider when thinking about whether it might be time to try to go to "Shark ...
  2. Trade Name Vs. Trademark: Know the Difference

    December 4, 2015
    Understand the differences between a trade name and a trademark, the different functions they serve and registration considerations ...
  3. Retirement Planning For The Self-Employed

    December 3, 2015
    Recent studies show that most self-employed Americans are saving little, if anything, for retirement. But making an investment ...
  4. 5 Executives Who Took on the CEO Role at Multiple Companies

    December 3, 2015
    By analyzing these serial entrepreneurs, we see that key characteristics of successful leaders include nonconformity, perseverance ...
  5. 5 Ways to Invest in the Blockchain Boom

    December 3, 2015
    Blockchain technology is one of the hottest trends in the finance scene, with the potential to completely transform traditional ...
  6. A Day in the Life of a Venture Capitalist

    December 2, 2015
    Learn more about the job description of a venture capitalist and discover what a typical day in the life of this professional ...
  7. Starting A Small Business For Less Than $1000

    December 1, 2015
    Here are the top niche businesses which can be started for less than $1000.
  8. How to Take Maternity Leave as a Freelancer

    November 30, 2015
    Freelancers are not covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act, but maternity leave is still doable with these tips. ...
  9. How To Hire and Retain An Overqualified Candidate

    November 30, 2015
    Understand how to hire and retain overqualified candidates by proactively seeking them out, discerning their motivations ...
  10. 5 Things to Do Before Submitting a Loan Request for Your Startup

    November 25, 2015
    Learn the five key steps to securing a small business startup loan, what documents to present, what personal finance items ...
  11. 4 Things to Know About Your Company To Make a Successful Pitch to Investors

    November 25, 2015
    Learn how to make a successful pitch to investors. Regardless of your industry, size or market, there are some questions ...
  12. Top 4 Billionaires Living in Los Angeles

    November 25, 2015
    Learn how these multibillionaires built their fortunes to stand out from the crowd of the countless ultra-rich who call Los ...
  13. What "Kitchen Disasters" Can Teach Business Owners

    November 25, 2015
    The reality TV shows "Restaurant Impossible" and "Kitchen Disasters" offer lessons not just for restaurateurs, but for all ...
  14. Silicon Valley Startups Fly into Space

    November 24, 2015
    Space enthusiasts are in for an exciting time as Silicon Valley startups take on the lucrative but expensive final frontier. ...
  15. How Tech Can Help with 3 Behavioral Finance Biases

    November 24, 2015
    Even if you’re a finance or statistics expert, you’re not immune to common decision-making mistakes that can negatively impact ...
  16. 4 Most Successful Indiegogo Campaigns

    November 24, 2015
    Learn about some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo, which raised millions of dollars for everything ...
  17. Is Bitcoin Funding ISIS?

    November 24, 2015
    Officials from the European Union announced today a proposal to crack down on the use of bitcoin in an effort to prevent ...
  18. How Gross Margin Can Make or Break Your Startup

    November 23, 2015
    Find out how your startup's gross margin can impact your business, including why a mediocre margin may spell disaster for ...
  19. The Next Industries Bound to be Uberized

    November 23, 2015
    As more startups succeed with the sharing economy business model, investors seek out businesses poised to disrupt their industries ...
  20. Blockchain Boom Next Big Thing for Tech Startups 

    November 19, 2015
    Blockchain technology offers startups the ability to create flexible and secure businesses. It's a growing trend, but startups' ...
  21. 10 Ways to Ensure Success as an Entrepreneur

    November 18, 2015
    Are you hoping to launch your own business and work for yourself? If so, here are the top 10 tips for entrepreneurs.
  22. Need a Loan for Your Startup? Here's How to Prepare a Thorough Loan Package

    November 17, 2015
    Learn how to craft the vital components of a loan package for your startup small business, and how to package it to be as ...
  23. 10 Ways You Can Make Money as a Blogger

    November 17, 2015
    Obtain helpful information about the top 10 techniques that professional bloggers utilize to generate their incomes from ...
  24. How Bitcoin Helps People Bypass Government Currency Control

    November 16, 2015
    Bitcoin has helped ordinary citizens in some countries bypass government controls over free exchange conversions.
  25. What Bitcoin Regulations Look Like Around The World

    November 16, 2015
    Bitcoin is still so new that countries are struggling to make legislation catch up with technology. Some nations are more ...
  26. 10 Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Have

    November 16, 2015
    Discover 10 habits common to successful entrepreneurs that you can emulate in your journey toward achieving success in your ...
  27. 10 Ways to Make Money on the Side

    November 16, 2015
    Learn about 10 different things you can do on the side to add to the income you receive from your regular job or while you're ...
  28. The Cost Of Hiring A New Employee

    November 13, 2015
    Hiring a new employee costs a lot more than that person’s salary. Just finding the right person can be pricey.
  29. Quality Control

    November 13, 2015
    Businesses use quality control to ensure their products and services meet a certain standard, as well as any industry regulations.
  30. 10 Tips for Conducting Effective Meetings

    November 13, 2015
    Sometimes meetings are necessary, but they're often a waste of time. These ten tips can help you conduct effective, productive ...
  31. The Top 4 Social Venture Capital Firms

    November 13, 2015
    Learn how social venture capitalists are investing in companies more focused on making the world a better place to live than ...
  32. How To Raise Seed Capital and Grow Your Startup

    November 11, 2015
    To get a business off the ground, entrepreneurs need a clear understanding of how to strategically position themselves for ...
  33. How to Manage Corporate Change in the Modern Economy

    November 11, 2015
    Change can make employees uncomfortable, but these keys can help ease the transition and increase morale.
  34. Oprah Winfrey Closes Iconic Harpo Studios

    November 11, 2015
    A look at the history of Harpo, and what the future holds for the queen of entertainment ventures.
  35. The 4 Best Online Entrepreneurship Programs

    November 11, 2015
    Learn about some of the pre-eminent graduate-level entrepreneurship programs available online, and decide which program best ...
  36. The 66 Percent Rise and Fall of Bitcoin

    November 11, 2015
    If the cost of production is a major factor in bitcoin's price, then the recent rally was overbought; however, as the network ...
  37. How to Land a Job at a Startup

    November 10, 2015
    Essential tips for differentiating yourself among the growing pool of applicants that hope to join a start-up.
  38. Workplace Bullying is More Prevalent Than You Might Think

    November 10, 2015
    Bullying doesn't just occur on school playgrounds. It's creeping into the workplace with disastrous results.
  39. Making a Living as a Freelancer: Is It Possible?

    November 10, 2015
    Learn about how you can make a living by freelancing, including what kinds of opportunities are available and what factors ...
  40. Why Is Bitcoin Rising?

    November 8, 2015
    A look at the reasons behind the recent spectacular surge in bitcoin prices.
  41. How Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso Built a Fashion Empire

    November 6, 2015
    In 2006, Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso planted the seeds for what would become an online fashion empire. Here's how.
  42. From Supermodel to Entrepreneur: Gisele Bündchen's Sejaa Pure Skincare

    November 5, 2015
    As one of the highest-paid models in history, Bündchen has turned her name and image into a worldwide brand, and Sejaa is ...
  43. 5 CEOs Who Returned to Save the Day (AAPL, GOOG)

    November 4, 2015
    Instead of toying with trial and error, many struggling companies have adopted a tried and true "founder knows best" strategy, ...
  44. Impact of a 5-Star Yelp Review on a Company

    November 4, 2015
    Learn the impact that a 5-star Yelp review can have on small businesses and how Yelp influences local competition between ...
  45. 7 Ways to Save on Home Office Costs

    November 3, 2015
    Working at home can come with many costs. Here are some easy ways to keep your expenditures low.
  46. How does escheatment impact a company?

    November 3, 2015
    Find out how escheatment can impact a company's bottom line, including what kinds of assets are at risk and what the penalties ...
  47. 4 Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the World

    November 3, 2015
    Read about four entrepreneurs who are affecting positive change on a global level, potentially improving the lives of billions ...
  48. Why a Solid Cybersecurity Plan is Essential for Financial Advisors

    November 2, 2015
    How to get ahead of regulators — and hackers — on all things cybersecurity.
  49. Helping Your Teen Find Their First Job

    November 2, 2015
    Parents can help their teens along the path to landing a first job with these strategies and tips.
  50. Attrition

    November 2, 2015
    The reduction in staff and employees in a company through normal means, such as retirement and resignation. This is natural ...
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Hot Definitions
  1. Fiduciary

    A fiduciary is a person who acts on behalf of another person, or persons to manage assets.
  2. Sharpe Ratio

    The Sharpe Ratio is a measure for calculating risk-adjusted return, and this ratio has become the industry standard for such ...
  3. Death Taxes

    Taxes imposed by the federal and/or state government on someone's estate upon their death. These taxes are levied on the ...
  4. Retained Earnings

    Retained earnings is the percentage of net earnings not paid out as dividends, but retained by the company to be reinvested ...
  5. Demand Elasticity

    In economics, the demand elasticity refers to how sensitive the demand for a good is to changes in other economic variables. ...
  6. Dark Pool

    A dark pool is a private financial forum or exchange for trading securities.
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