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  1. Understanding Bank of America's Capital Structure (BAC)

    For banks, especially large banks such as Bank of America, capital structure has to both meet funding needs and satisfy the ...
  2. Behind Delta's 46.4% Rise in 10 Years (DAL)

    Delta Air Lines stock has been highly correlated to its close peers, as crude oil price remains an important driver of financial ...
  3. What's Behind Walmart's 10 Year Stock Performance (WMT)

    The key factors behind the stock performance of Walmart Stores Inc. between 2006 and 2016.
  4. A Guide on the Risk-Adjusted Discount Rate

    When a project or investment faces higher amounts of risk or uncertainty, it may be appropriate to utilize the risk-adjusted ...
  5. EA: How Electronic Arts' Stock Price Rose 10% in 6 Months

    After a dip at the start of the year, Electronic Arts' stock price has climbed to a new record high in the first six months ...
  6. Panera Stock: 5 Things to Watch (PNRA)

    Investors should monitor statistics measuring growth, profitability and refranchising initiative.
  7. SDRL: How Seadrill's Stock Price Fell 10 % in 6 Months

    Seadrill's stock price hit an all-time low in early 2016, but recovered sharply along with oil prices, and remains a potential ...
  8. Buying Seadrill Stock? Risks & Opportunities to Consider (SDRL)

    Seadrill Ltd. offers investors a wealth of potential capital gains, but also poses major investor risks in 2016.
  9. Behind Coke's 114% Rise in 10 Years (KO)

    KO returned 114% between July 2006 and July 2016, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index returned 75.3%
  10. Top Value Stocks of 2016 (URBN, PG)

    Remember that value stocks are not always trading near their 52-week lows. Focus on the five key fundamentals for finding ...
  11. Behind Rite Aid's 66.3% Rise in 10 Years (RAD)

    Examine Rite Aid's stock price history to determine how financial results and market correlation have influenced its shares.
  12. Understanding Verizon's Capital Structure (VZ)

    Verizon has a highly leveraged capital structure, and this debt capitalization and the company's equity have affected its ...
  13. How Do Negative Interest Rates Work?

    There is a lot of confusion surrounding negative interest rates. Matt breaks it down and explains what going negative really ...
  14. The Elusive Spark Needed for the Rally to Continue

    Against most expectations, U.S. stocks are turning in a respectable performance this year. The S&P 500 is now up 7% year-to-date, ...
  15. Top 5 Consumer Electronics Stocks of 2016 (AAPL, PLT)

    The fundamentals for particular consumer electronics stocks are important when considering investing in a company producing ...
  16. Understanding Amazon's Capital Structure (AMZN)

    Following the 2008 financial crisis, many companies, including Amazon, have been increasing their leverage, causing significant ...
  17. How Green Dot Works and Makes Money (GDOT)

    Green Dot Corp. is dominating the general purpose reloadable payment card industry, offering two of the highest-rated prepaid ...
  18. Top 5 Oil Drilling Stocks of 2016 (PKD, PTEN)

    Learn about the top five oil-drilling stocks of 2016 and why risk-tolerant investors should consider them if they are bullish ...
  19. Depreciation Can Shield Taxes, Bolster Cash Flow

    Depreciation can be used as a tax-deductible expense to reduce tax costs, bolstering cash flow
  20. Why These 2 Stocks Are Speculative for Boomers (FB, BAC)

    Learn why popular stocks such as Facebook and Bank of America are highly speculative and fraught with risk for baby boomer ...
  21. Who Is Driving Fitbit's Management Team? (FIT)

    These four members of Fitbit’s management team have worked together to help double and triple the company's revenues and ...
  22. Top 5 Coal-Mining Stocks of 2016 (CLF, BHP)

    In an industry under stress, but still dominant in energy generation, these coal producers could prove to be diamonds in ...
  23. Understanding IBM's Capital Structure

    The shift to the cloud is challenging IBM's traditional on-site server and software-installation business, pressuring its ...
  24. The Reason for GoPro's 59.6% Fall Since Its IPO (GPRO)

    GoPro's shares have fallen 59.6% since the IPO in 2016, with performance primarily shaped by falling valuations amid outlook ...
  25. Top 5 Gold Mining Stocks of 2016 (EGO, NEM)

    Obtain information and analysis on five of the top-performing gold mining stocks thus far in 2016.
  26. U.S Companies are Hoarding $1.7 Trillion in Cash

    Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and other U.S. companies are hoarding billions of dollars in cash. Here's a look at what they do ...
  27. Top 5 Auto Stocks of 2016 (TTM, GM)

    Investors seeking exposure to the cyclical automotive industry can choose from stocks exhibiting a variety of characteristics ...
  28. Top 5 Drug Stocks of 2016 (ABBV, JNJ)

    Discover analyses of the top five drug stocks, and learn why investors should consider these stocks due to the stocks' attractive ...
  29. Behind Sunedison's 99.5% Loss in 10 Years (SUNEQ)

    Examine the volatile history of SunEdison to determine how restructuring, fluctuating financial results and bankruptcy have ...
  30. Why Investors Believe Amazon's Long-Term Growth Story (AMZN)

    Amazon is highly valued as a growth company primarily because it has broadened e-commerce and continued technological innovation.
  31. Understanding Apple's Capital Structure

    The technology behemoth has completely revamped its capital structure, taking advantage of ZIRP and issuing billions of dollars ...
  32. Most Profitable Oil and Gas Companies of 2016 (PSPX, TEP)

    The most profitable oil and gas sector firms, including those with the highest margins and those with the most net income.
  33. Top Small-Cap Stocks for 2016 (TPC, RMBS)

    Consider capital appreciation opportunities available from small-cap stocks with low price-earnings ratios despite strong ...
  34. 2016's Most Promising Stocks

    Do not underestimate the growth potential of mega-cap stocks. With reduced risk as an extra benefit, these are some of the ...
  35. Top 5 Solar Power Stocks of 2016 (SPWR, FSLR)

    Examine five solar power stocks with companies in the solar industry with attractive characteristics or potential. Assess ...
  36. Behind T-Mobile's 166% Rise Since Its 2013 IPO (TMUS)

    Analyze T-Mobile's stock price history to determine which factors influenced shares. Discover financial results and acquisition ...
  37. Top 5 IT Stocks of 2016

    Pay attention to the fundamentals of the highest-flying IT stocks. While their P/E ratios might suggest bargain prices, other ...
  38. 3 Legg Mason Mutual Funds with Long Track Records

    Discover three Legg Mason mutual funds with long track records. Read a summary of each fund, as well as performance and manager ...
  39. How should I analyze a company's financial statements?

    Discover how investors and analysts use a company’s financial statements to evaluate a company's financial health and investment ...
  40. The 4 Basic Elements of Stock Value

    Investors use these four measures to determine a stock's worth. Find out how to use them.
  41. Free & operating cash flows: What's the Difference?

    Learn the difference between free cash flow and operating cash flow. Explore how analysts use earnings and cash flow to evaluate ...
  42. How do you read a P&L statement?

    Understand the basics of reading a profit and loss statement, including key concepts such as revenue, net operating income, ...
  43. The Top 5 Personal Finance Experts to Follow in 2016

    Here is a look at five money and investing experts who can help you reach your financial goals for 2016.
  44. Behind McDonald's 283% Rise in 10 Years (MCD)

    Take a look behind McDonald's share price history to determine what drives the stock.
  45. My Travel Notes on Canadian Bonds

    We take a closer look at foreign bond markets and what investors are doing in them. Today, we focus on Canada.
  46. The Common-Size Analysis of Financial Statements

    Using common-size financial statements helps investors spot trends that a raw financial statement may not uncover.
  47. Chart of the Week: The Main Ingredient Required for Further Stock Gains

    Global stocks are up year-to-date. Chief Investment Strategist Richard Turnill explains what's required for equities to move ...
  48. Updated Investment Views for the Second Half

    We share how to potentially position portfolios for the market and economic environment we see ahead for the remainder of ...
  49. Can Microsoft Revisit Its Tech-Boom High? (MSFT)

    Projected EPS growth and the acquisition of LinkedIn will impact the performance of Microsoft's stock.
  50. Yahoo's Stock: Only 8% Return in 10 Years (YHOO)

    Now that Yahoo's core business is being sold to Verizon, a look back at the drivers of its stock price history over the last ...
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