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  1. Sanofi, Lonza To Build $285M Biologics Plant (SNY)

    Sanofi and Lonza will build a drug manufacturing facility in Switzerland that will create 200 jobs.
  2. U.S. Banks Employ 10% of Staff in Asia (BAC, C)

    U.S. banks are likely to keep hiring abroad to combat regulation costs and slow revenue growth.
  3. Liberalization Clause

    Liberalization clause is an insurance policy provision that allows coverage in an existing policy to be adjusted in order ...
  4. Race to the Bottom

    Race to the bottom refers to a state whereby companies or states attempt to undercut the competition's prices by sacrificing ...
  5. Why Don’t Regulators Check All Broker Dealers?

    Reports indicate that there is a growing need for increased supervision of brokers.
  6. Which States Have Legal Pot & Will It Stay Legal?

    What the Trump Administration's talk of cracking down on recreational weed means for states where it's legal.
  7. Top 10 Mistakes on Tax Returns

    These common mistakes on tax returns are easily avoided. Here's what to double-check before you file your return this year.
  8. Prison Stocks Boosted by Justice Dept. Reversal of Scale Back (CXW, GEO)

    The DOJ’s reversal of the decision to scale back private prisons represents good news for prison stocks.
  9. Is Your Bank Pushing You Into the Wrong Products?

    Recent reports of questionable selling practices at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. underscore the need for banking customers ...
  10. Right-to-Work Law

    The right-to-work law is a fundamental law that allows workers the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union in their ...
  11. Dynamic Scoring

    Dynamic scoring is a measure of the impact that proposed tax budgets would have on the budget deficit and the overall economy ...
  12. Automakers Ask New EPA Chief for Leniency (GM, F)

    Automakers seek to capitalize on President Trump’s indifference to fuel efficiency by asking the EPA’s new chief to overturn ...
  13. Mortgage Discrimination: What to Watch For (WFC,BAC,JPM)

    Mortgage discrimination, even via major banks, still exists. How to recognize its signs.
  14. DOL Rule or Not, There's a New Fiduciary Expectation

    What does the election mean for the new fiduciary standard?
  15. Bank of England Won't Remove Animal Fat from Notes, Despite Protests

    Petitions focused at the Bank of England have asked that tallow not be used to create bank notes, but were denied.
  16. Opinion: Will Donald Trump's Tax Reforms Reform Anything?

    Unless they're massively different from what we've heard so far, Trump's Tax reforms won't fix what's wrong with our taxes.
  17. Medical Device ETF Beat Healthcare Sector Returns in 2016 (IHI,XLV,ABT)

    This medical device ETF continues to outperform the broader healthcare sector.
  18. Can a Mortgage Company Change the Terms?

    Buying a home? You'll need this guide on when a mortgage company can change your terms and why various closing costs can ...
  19. Momenta's Supply Partner Gets FDA Warning (MNTA)

    The warning will delay FDA approval of Momenta's 40-mg multiple sclerosis drug Glatopa.
  20. Roche Sues Amgen Over Avastin Biosimilar (AMGN)

    Roche filed suit to fend off competition from Amgen’s biosimilar for its bestselling drug Avastin.
  21. The Snuggie's Complicated Tax Status is Finally Resolved

    Is it a blanket? Or is it a garment? The U.S. Court of International Trade has weighed in.
  22. Is There a Trade War on the Horizon?

    Fierce resistance to President Trump’s plans to impose a border tax suggest that the U.S. may eventually walk away from the ...
  23. Trump's Likely Asian Trade War Targets

    Beyond China, Trump may focus his ire on big trade deficits with India, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia
  24. Things Nursing Homes Are Not Allowed to Do

    Nursing home residents just got new safeguards to their rights – rights they aren't suppose to lose when entering a facility.
  25. 10 Things You Should Know About 1099s

    They're arriving in the mail now. Don't ignore them, or you could be buying trouble with the IRS.
  26. Retail Executives Want to Kill Border Tax Proposal (AZO, BBY)

    Retail industry executives are the latest in a wave of CEOs scrambling to Washington for their cause.
  27. Yellen Sees More Rate Hikes With Economic Growth

    Fed Chair Janet Yellen, who plans to complete her term as chair, expects more interest rate hikes on continued economic growth.
  28. Some Retailers Want to End Border Tax (TGT, BBY)

    Target's gross margin has been shrinking. A border tax will make it worse. Best Buy could incur a $2 billion loss as a result ...
  29. How Obamacare Repeal Could Make Medicare Prices Soar

    Medicare recipients face possible higher healthcare costs through Trump's proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act.
  30. Is Dan Loeb Too Optimistic About Banks? (GS, JPM)

    Loeb revealed in a letter to investors that he thinks rate hikes and operating leverage will increase returns, but will they ...
  31. S&P 500 Hits $20 Trillion on Halo Effect of Anticipated Tax Breaks

    The market is really excited about stuff that hasn't happened yet.
  32. Fed Vice Chair Warns on Lower Capital Requirements (XLF, .INX)

    Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer says reducing Frank-Dodd capital requirements for banks would put the financial system at ...
  33. Senator Orders Investigation of Orphan Drug Abuse

    Iowa Senator Grassley ordered an inquiry into possible abuse of the Orphan Drug Act by drug makers.
  34. Obamacare Opponent Sworn In As Health Secretary

    An Obamacare replacement is on the horizon after Tom Price was sworn in as U.S. secretary of health.
  35. 2016 SEC Enforcement Cases: The Year in Review

    The SEC set a new record in 2016 for the number of enforcement actions it brought.
  36. Immigrants Over 65 and Social Security Benefits

    Under some circumstances, the answer is yes. Here's how the rules work.
  37. Fed Official's Departure Creates Opening

    Daniel K. Tarullo, appointed by President Obama, has submitted his resignation from the Federal Reserve.
  38. What Divorcees Should Know About New Social Security Rules

    The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 has changed the way ex-spouses can claim Social Security benefits.
  39. Amgen Rival Allowed to Keep Drug on Market (AMGN, REGN)

    A judge temporarily allowed Regeneron to keep its rival of Amgen's cholesterol drug on the market.
  40. Demonetization

    India's demonetization means that it is stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender, necessary whenever there ...
  41. Congress Considering a Right-to-Work Bill

    Prospects for a new national right-to-work law hinge on whether President Trump is willing to upset red-state unionists. ...
  42. FTC Sues Shire ViroPharma for Blocking Rivals (SHPG)

    The FTC accused Shire of using frivolous regulatory filings to block competition from generics.
  43. The Biggest Loser: Border Adjustment Tax Edition

    These companies could see their stocks affected if a destination-basis tax is imposed.
  44. RBS Faces $95 Million Fine for Rate Rigging (RBS)

    Scotland's biggest bank is facing another fine after a five-year conspiracy to influence interest rates for profit.
  45. Opinion: The Freedom to Be Fleeced

    Trump's executive order delaying fiduciary standards for financial advisors managing retirement accounts will make them richer ...
  46. Border Adjustment Tax

    A tax levied on goods based on where they are sold – exported goods are exempt from tax; those imported and sold in the ...
  47. Trump Orders Review of Dodd-Frank, Repeal of Fiduciary Rule (GS)

    Trump's war on financial regulations has kicked into high gear.
  48. Feds Probe Biogen Over Drug Prices, Rebates (BIIB)

    The biotech giant is facing two federal investigations over drug price reporting and rebate schemes.
  49. DOL Fiduciary Rule Explained as of Feb 3, 2017

    The Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule is a new ruling that expands the “investment advice fiduciary” definition under ...
  50. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Loan

    PACE loans offer an alternative to traditional financing for property owners who want to make energy efficient improvements. ...
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