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  1. A Survivor's Guide for a U.S. Government Shutdown

    Americans can expect closed monuments and possible delays in air travel, tax refunds and new passports
  2. How a Revocable Living Trust Makes Your Executor’s Job Easier

    Establish a revocable living trust to give you peace of mind and avoid probate. The executor of your will’s job will be easier, ...
  3. Congress May Take Away Your 401(k) Tax Deduction

    As part of overhauling the U.S. income tax system, Congress is considering taking away your 401(k) tax deduction. What will ...
  4. New Ways to Buy a Car Online

    Buying a car online can streamline the process and eliminate the stress of haggling with dealers, but the process is not ...
  5. Opinion: Make Accounting's Big Four Accountable

    The latest accounting world scandal at KPMG is a symptom of a much deeper sickness in how the Big Four do business. There ...
  6. North Korea May Be Responsible for Recent Spate of Bitcoin Attacks

    Evidence is mounting to suggest that North Korea is behind a rash of Bitcoin account hacks
  7. The Taylor Rule Could Put Fed on Autopilot

    Can monetary policy be set via a mathematical formula alone?
  8. From Everything to Nothing: Amazon's Oddest Products

    Nothing? You can buy that on
  9. Can Your Boss Make You Take a Genetic Test?

    Not yet, but a House bill would strip protections that prohibit employers from making genetic tests part of their wellness ...
  10. Biotech M&A Plunges as Trump Attacks Drug Companies (INCY, TSRO)

    Biotech M&A activity has fallen.
  11. Who Pays Mortgage Recording Tax in NYC?

    When you buy in New York City, you even have to pay a tax to record your mortgage. Here's how much.
  12. Do You Really Have Student Loan Forgiveness?

    Do you really have student loan forgiveness? A recent lawsuit has called the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program’s guidelines ...
  13. Your Bose Wireless Headphones May Be Spying On You

    A lawsuit claims not only are Bose headphones collecting personal information, but the company is selling the data to third ...
  14. GM Suspends Operations in Venezuela after Plant Seized

    GM joins a long list of companies halting business in the country as the Venezuelan government attempts to quash violent ...
  15. You Missed the Tax Return Deadline: Now What?

    Most important: Do it now.
  16. Buffett Likely to Back Wells Fargo’s Beleaguered Board (WFC, BRK/B)

    Berkshire Hathaway, Wells Fargo’s largest shareholder, vowed to support the bank’s scandal-ridden board at the company’s ...
  17. New York Makes Public College Tuition Free for Most

    A new program offering free college tuition, with certain conditions, to all New Yorkers for state schools has launched. ...
  18. How Banks Are Turning Fees Into a Profit Machine

    Wall Street is using the fiduciary rule to phase out retirement commissions.
  19. JPMorgan to Sell $6.9 Bn Student Loan Asset to Navient (NAVI, JPM)

    Student loan servicing company Navient Corp has agreed by JPMorgan's $6.9 billion portfolio of student loans.
  20. The H-1B Visa Issue Explained (MSFT, GOOG)

    Silicon Valley is braced for President Trump's next executive order.
  21. DOL Fiduciary Rule Explained as of April 18, 2017

    The Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule is a new ruling that expands the “investment advice fiduciary” definition under ...
  22. Opinion: 3 More Signs Donald Trump Couldn't Care Less About American Citizens or Standards

    Because he won the election, he keeps saying, the nation’s laws and his own promises no longer apply. This won’t end well.
  23. How to File a Tax Extension

    Learn the process you need to follow to get an extra six months to file your tax return.
  24. Why It's So Important to Update Your Estate Plan

    As rules and exemptions tied to the estate tax change, so should your estate plan. Here's why updating it is so important.
  25. Estate Planning Tips for Multinational Families

    Estate planning is even more essential and complex for multinational families.
  26. The U.S. Hotel Industry's War Plan to Beat Airbnb (MAR, HLT)

    The $1.1 trillion U.S. hotel industry has a strategy to slow the expansion of Airbnb.
  27. Banks Say "Too Big" Is Best Amid Cries for Breakup (BAC, JPM)

    Top executives at JPMorgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo fight calls for break up.
  28. Who Are Patent Trolls & How Do They Work?

    Patent trolls are in the business of patent litigation, enforcing their patent rights against alleged infringers through ...
  29. Creepy Spy Doll Banned In Germany, Still Sold In U.S.

    Two seemingly innocent talking toys can eavesdrop on your family and could be prime targets for hackers.
  30. Women vs Goldman Sachs in Gender Bias Lawsuit

    A seven year-old lawsuit gets fresh breath as court allows women to seek relief.
  31. Soon Your Car Will Recognize Your Face

    Facial recognition technology is set to debut in cars by 2020, raising privacy concerns.
  32. Canada Govt Announces Bill to Legalize Marijuana

    Canada legislation will permit adults to possess up to 30 grams of marijuana in public.
  33. Made a Mistake? How to File an Amended Tax Return

    You can always file an amended return. And the sooner you do it, the better.
  34. Dodd-Frank: Republicans' New Plan to Replace It

    Republican leaders are working to replace Dodd-Frank.
  35. Santander, Portugal Reach Swaps Settlement (SAN)

    Interest rate swap agreements will cost Portugal $1.8 billion and help Santander get some new loans on its books.
  36. The Biggest Airline PR Disasters of All Time

    Bad publicity generated by social media has airline PR reps scrambling. Here's a few of the worst PR disasters of all time ...
  37. FDA Approves Neurocrine Biosciences Movement Disorder Therapy

    Neurocrine Biosciences granted approval for facial movement disorder that affects half a million Americans.
  38. Deplaned! United's Record of Kicking Passengers off Flights

    When it comes to "involuntary denied boardings," Southwest has a worse record than United.
  39. Transfer Retirement Savings When You Change Jobs

    Half of Americans lose their nest eggs when they switch careers. Learn why you should avoid this trap.
  40. The Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

    The receipts you cram into your wallet could be replaced with cash come tax season.
  41. What's the difference between a bank guarantee and a letter of credit?

    Letters of credit ensure that a transaction proceeds as planned, while bank guarantees reduce the loss if the transaction ...
  42. FCC Chairman Moves to Keep Ban on In-Flight Voice Calls

    Commissioner Pai is pushing to reverse a 2013 proposal to allow cellphone use during flights.
  43. Exceptions to the 60-Day Retirement Account Rollover Rule

    A non-qualified distribution might still be tax and/or penalty free under certain conditions.
  44. Did United Have the Right to Force That Guy Off the Plane?

    A quick look at what "denied boarding involuntarily," as the airlines call it, actually means. With luck, not being dragged ...
  45. SEC Cracks Down on Paid Stock Plugs on the Web

    The SEC says paid for articles are advertisements not analyses.
  46. Barclays Upgraded Despite Controversy (BCS, SAN)

    While CEO is investigated by regulators, analysts still say buy.
  47. States Attack Tax Benefits for Electric Cars

    States are suddenly withdrawing tax benefits for electric cars. The question is why.
  48. Goldman Sachs Concludes Obamacare Added 500k Jobs

    A recent study by Goldman Sachs is part of a growing body of research suggesting Obamacare has actually been good for the ...
  49. Barclays CEO Being Investigated by Regulators, Pay Slashed (BCS)

    British regulators are investigating the bank’s chief executive Jes Staley after he broke the rules by attempting to identify ...
  50. Top 10 Mistakes on Tax Returns

    These common mistakes on tax returns are easily avoided. Here's what to double-check before you file your return this year.
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