Question of the Week

Donald has been putting aside money for his retirement into a Roth IRA for six years.  Although he recently celebrated his 71st birthday, Donald has no intention of retiring for several years.  If he has not begun to withdraw funds from the IRA, what are the tax and penalty implications?
A) There are no tax or penalty implications.
B) The amount of funds above his cost basis in the fund will be taxed at the ordinary rate and penalized at the 50% rate.
C) Failure to begin withdrawals from this type of account, by age 70½ will be subjected to a penalty of 50% of the amount that represents insufficient withdrawals.
D) Since he began no withdrawals at age 59½, he will have to begin paying ordinary income tax plus a 10% penalty on the full amount deducted.


The correct answer is A)

In a Roth IRA, there is no required distribution date as there is in a traditional IRA.