Sherry just began work with JumboProfits Brokerage in Spokane and is going through the process of registering ...

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Sherry just began work with JumboProfits Brokerage in Spokane and is going through the process of registering as a licensed representative in that state. Which of the following pieces of information is necessary for Sherry to provide?
I. Marital status
II. Employment history
III.Any felony convictions
IV. Her name
V. Any misdemeanor convictions
VI. Her medical history
VII. Financial status and history
a) I, II and IV
b) II, III, IV and VII
c) II, III and V
d) III, IV, V, and VII
e) All of the above
The correct answer is b).
In order to be licensed, a registered representative must provide his or her name, financial status and history, along with any felony convictions. He or she does not need to report a misdemeanor conviction, unless it pertains to securities.


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