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JPMorgan Chase & Co., Other Financial Stocks Strong During Market Retreat
When one sector is getting the beats, more often than not the money flowing out is going into another. It has been an unique characteristic of this market that even on down days, one can still find some green on the screen. During Monday's session, many investors were dumping the momentum stocks and putting their money to work into the financials.

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Most Active Stocks by Volume: NASDAQ

AAPL APPLE INC $100.86 66,861,699
YHOO YAHOO! INC $42.71 61,399,175
FB FACEBOOK INC $76.08 37,717,272
CSCO CISCO SYSTEMS INC $25.22 31,902,713

Largest Companies by Market Cap: NASDAQ

AAPL APPLE INC $100.86 66,861,699
MSFT MICROSOFT CORP $46.76 27,901,573
GOOG GOOGLE INC $579.95 1,478,248
INTC INTEL CORP $34.93 20,876,172
GOOGL GOOGLE INC $588.78 1,581,276

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