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  1. Past 40? Advice On Starting A Business

    Pluses and maybes to consider before you leap – or before you dig yourself deeper into the hole where youve landed.
  2. Spot Chances For Profits In The Three-Step Cycle

    Markets progress from one price level to the next through an action-reaction-resolution cycle that generates all sorts of profitable trading opportunities.
  3. What Cuba-US Relations Could Mean For U.S. Industry

    The restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba could mean big profits for U.S. travel, agriculture, and financial services sectors.
  4. Playing the Rising Robotics with the ROBO ETF

    The robot revolution is at hand. Big dollars are being spent on new startups and the devices are becoming more commonplace each day.
  5. Oil Prices' Impact On Oil Transport Sector

    Short-term changes in oil prices and in the volume of oil produced have a marginal impact on the oil transportation industry in Canada.
  6. A Detailed Look Into China's Options Market

    As the Chinese options market gradually takes shape, we provide an overview, including details of the initial phase and building blocks, primary beneficiaries, the impact on the overall financial markets and the expected future developments.

Most Active Stocks by Volume

AAPL APPLE INC $117.16 83,650,732
MSFT MICROSOFT CORP $40.40 77,988,569
TVIX CREDIT SUISSE AG $3.54 59,387,375
FB FACEBOOK INC CLASS A $75.91 42,547,028

Largest Companies By Market Cap

AAPL APPLE INC $117.16 83,650,732
MSFT MICROSOFT CORP $40.40 77,988,569
GOOG GOOGLE INC $534.52 5,589,004
FB FACEBOOK INC CLASS A $75.91 42,547,028
INTC INTEL CORP $33.04 38,683,895

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