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  1. Apple iOS

    Apple iOS stands for Apple iPhone Operating System. iOS is currently the operating system for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and is the software which allows the features of the device to work.
  2. Apple iTunes

    Apple iTunes is software primarily used to play and store media like music and videos; to manage mobile devices; and act as an online broadcast radio.
  3. Apple Pay

    Apple Pay is a payment system, introduced by Apple in September 2014, in which users pay for products and services via NFC (near field communication).
  4. Watch Out For These Top Internet Scams

    The Internet had make it easier than ever for scammers to trick people into giving away their money and personal information. These are the scams to avoid.
  5. Rite Aid Earnings: 3 Questions We Want Answered

    Rite Aid (NYSE: RAD) shares have more than quadrupled since 2012 thanks to a debt restructuring, store closures, and a renewed zest for expansion. Can this incredible run continue? The answer to that question may hinge on Rite Aid's fiscal fourth-quarter earnings conference call, which will be held on April 8th.
  6. How To Create Your Very Own ETF

    ETFs are useful investment tools, and now thanks to Motif Investing, investors can create their own with ease.

Most Active Stocks by Volume

AAPL APPLE INC $124.25 40,410,843
MSFT MICROSOFT CORP $40.72 36,801,983
INTC INTEL CORP $30.81 31,438,969
CSCO CISCO SYSTEMS INC $27.25 22,388,622

Largest Companies By Market Cap

AAPL APPLE INC $124.25 40,410,843
MSFT MICROSOFT CORP $40.72 36,801,983
GOOG GOOGLE INC $542.56 1,949,936
FB FACEBOOK INC $81.67 22,017,737
AMZN AMAZON.COM INC $370.26 2,452,243

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