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In the Thick of Earnings Season - Ahead of Wall Street
The updated Q3 earnings season scorecard now shows that we have seen results from 207 S&P 500 members that combined account for 54.1% of the index's total market capitalization.

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Most Active Stocks by Volume: NASDAQ

DRYS DRYSHIPS INC $1.52 88,189,200
MSFT MICROSOFT CORP $46.13 61,077,682
AAPL APPLE INC $105.22 46,992,155
YHOO YAHOO! INC $43.50 33,794,973
FB FACEBOOK INC CLASS A $80.67 32,196,582

Largest Companies by Market Cap: NASDAQ

AAPL APPLE INC $105.22 46,992,155
MSFT MICROSOFT CORP $46.13 61,077,682
GOOG GOOGLE INC $539.78 1,971,994
GILD GILEAD SCIENCES INC $110.71 15,125,944
INTC INTEL CORP $33.18 27,814,300

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