5 Ways To Be Irreplaceable At Work


According to Judy Free and Traci Maddox, authors of "The Essential Employee: The Adventures of Carmen Senz," research has revealed behaviors considered most valuable in the workplace, in the view of supervisors, coworkers and executives. The employees who exhibit these behaviors to all levels of the organization are in a unique position to build a reputation as absolutely necessary within the organization. It's easy to remember, with a simple acronym: R.E.A.C.H. Perhaps the best part is, these behaviors apply to anyone, and have little to do with your current role, education, level of experience, or professional background.

"These five essential behaviors may seem like common sense, but we all know the old adage that common sense isn't so common," said Maddox, a senior consultant at Sage Peak Associates, Inc. and co-author of the book. She and Free conducted the study across the nation, in a variety of workplace settings, to develop the REACH formula.

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