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  1. Unbundling

    Unbundling is what happens when a parent company with a few lines of business decides to keep its core businesses and sell the rest of its assets, product/service lines, divisions or subsidiaries.
  2. Common Size Balance Sheet

    Investopedia explains: A common size balance sheet is a valuable tool for tracking and analyzing the changes and performance of a business over multiple time periods.
  3. Inventory: FIFO, LIFO

    Whether a company chooses FIFO or LIFO has important implications for the bottom line and for tax liability.
  4. Financialization

    Financialization is an increase in the size and importance of a country's financial sector relative to its overall economy.
  5. ISDA Master Agreement

    The ISDA Master Agreement is a document outlining the terms of an over-the-counter derivatives transaction between two parties. This document serves as a standard agreement in these transactions and is published by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.
  6. Reconciliation

    Investopedia explains: Reconciliation is an accounting process in which two sets of records are compared to make sure that the figures are in agreement. These sets of records are usually account balances.
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