The Biggest IPO Flops


Ever since the credit crunch and Great Recession KO'ed the IPO market in the late 2000's, it has been difficult for companies to raise money and go public. But, a successful IPO is no guarantee of a long run as a successful company or stock; the IPO frenzy of the 1990s, for instance, created a great deal of excitement and small fortunes for nimble traders, but also left a lot of wreckage. This year is no exception, with the recent news of online gaming company King Digital Entertainment limping to the finish on its opening day of trading with a 16% drop from its IPO price. While King Digital has the dishonor of being the worst IPO so far this year, history shows that we'll have many more woeful IPO tales to examine as the year unfolds. Here is a look at some memorable IPOs from the past that failed, flopped or otherwise flamed out.

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