Cost of Living in Top Cities Around the World


Cost of Living in the Top Cities Around the World

Whether you’re getting ready to retire and carry out your dream of moving to another country, are on your way across the globe to pursue a job opportunity, or just love to travel, it’s always fun to see how various locations around the planet compare in terms of daily life and cost of living. You might think your hometown is expensive, but are you paying $40 for two movie tickets, as is typical in London, or $9.80 for a gallon of gas like the residents of Oslo, Norway?

Major cities around the globe vary tremendously in terms of culture, geography, history and living conditions, but one thing many share in common are very high prices. You won’t need your passport to take this tour of eight top cities throughout the world, along with their cost of living. All prices are averages, and are given in U.S. dollars.

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