Excess Hollywood


At some point or another, most of us have indulged in an expensive luxury item that we didn’t really need – a fancy bottle of champagne, a top-of-the-line flat-screen TV,  a pair of red-soled designer stilettos. Whether your purchase eventually led to buyer’s remorse or sheer joy, there was no doubt in your mind that you might have gone a little overboard. Of course, these seemingly excessive items would cause nothing more than a tiny blip on a celebrity’s financial radar screen.

As with everything else, celebrities simply can’t be satisfied with mediocre splurges; they just have to take it to the next level. Forget fancy handbags. We’re talking personalized jets, pet tigers and gold-plated bathrooms…oh my!

Keep reading to discover eight of the most ridiculously overpriced items celebs have purchased.


By Amy Bell

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