5 Of The Biggest Fraternities And Sororities In America
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Biggest Fraternities and Sororities in America

It's easy to associate fraternities and sororities to just housing for its members and fun social events, but these organizations offer much more than that. One of the main benefits of joining one of these "greek" institutions is networking. The bond one makes with fellow brothers or sisters can last a lifetime, reach international levels and can even assist in climbing the corporate ladder after graduation. In fact, about a quarter of America's biggest CEOs have been members of a frat or sorority, according to an article published by Forbes in 2003. We can see why the size of the organization is an important factor when deciding which one to apply for. Here are some of America's biggest fraternities and sororities according to greekrank.com.

Sigma Phi Epsilon (Fraternity)

Founded in Richmond, Va., SigEp has 240 chapters boasting it's purple and red colors. Its motto, "building balanced leaders for the world's communities," seems to be a popular one as the frat has had close to 300,000 brothers since it was founded in 1901, and each year there are approximately 15,000 active undergrads on campuses around the country. SigEp claims to have revolutionized the fraternity movement by creating BMP (Balanced Man Program). BMP is a program that focuses on continuous professional development, scholarship, leadership and life skills.

Chi Omega (Sorority)

"Chi-O-Chi-Omega" is a cardinal and straw colored sorority that focuses on Hellenic cultures and Christian ideals. Founded by the University of Arkansas in 1895, Chi Omega has 170 chapters and has become one of the largest organizations for women in the entire world. It is well known for its Chi Omega Foundation which sees over 8,000 donors annually and recently raised more than $9.5 million for educational needs.

Tau Kappa Epsilon (Fraternity)

With 291 active chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada promoting love, charity and esteem, Teke-TKE is one of the largest fraternities out there. Founded in 1899 by the Illinois Wesleyan University, these cherry and grey brothers live by the motto: "not for wealth, rank or honor, but for personal worth and character." More than 257,000 brothers have been initiated into the brotherhood of TKE.

Sigma Gamma Rho (Sorority)

With 500 Chapters, Sigma Gamma Rho (a.k.a. the S.G.Rho- Lady-Sigmas) is purposed for greater service and greater progress. Founded in 1922 by seven school teachers of Indianapolis, Ind.'s Butler University, Sigma Gamma Rho has a history of providing proactive and positive leadership and support wherever it is needed. With its gold and royal blue colors and several foundations, this sorority is easily recognizable across the country and the world.

Kappa Alpha Psi (Fraternity)

"Achievement in every field of human endeavor," that's this fraternity's motto. Founded in 1911 at Indiana University, Kappa Alpha Psi has crimson and cream colors and about 380 chapters across the U.S. today. This fraternity also has many corporate partners and sponsors such as Bank of America, American Airlines, Enterprise, GE, Coca-Cola, Edward Jones, Harley Davidson and Verizon.

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