5 Of The Biggest Fraternities And Sororities In America


Biggest Fraternities and Sororities in America

It's easy to associate fraternities and sororities to just housing for its members and fun social events, but these organizations offer much more than that. One of the main benefits of joining one of these "greek" institutions is networking. The bond one makes with fellow brothers or sisters can last a lifetime, reach international levels and can even assist in climbing the corporate ladder after graduation. In fact, about a quarter of America's biggest CEOs have been members of a frat or sorority, according to an article published by Forbes in 2003. We can see why the size of the organization is an important factor when deciding which one to apply for. Here are some of America's biggest fraternities and sororities according to greekrank.com.

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    Biggest Fraternities and Sororities in America

    Here are some of America’s biggest fraternities and sororities according to greekrank.com.
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    Chi Omega (Sorority)

    Chi Omega has 170 chapters and has become one of the largest organizations for women in the entire world.
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    Sigma Gamma Rho (Sorority)

    With 500 Chapters, Sigma Gamma Rho (a.k.a. the S.G.Rho- Lady-Sigmas) is purposed for greater service and greater progress.
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    Kappa Alpha Psi (Fraternity)

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    Sigma Phi Epsilon (Fraternity)

    SigEp has 240 chapters boasting it's purple and red colors.
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    Tau Kappa Epsilon (Fraternity)

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