5 High-Priced Apple Products


Since its inception in 1976, Apple has made premium products at premium prices. The sales strategy has never been designed to attract the low-end consumer. With consumers being able to buy PCs for only a few hundred dollars, Apple sells its cheapest computer for $599. The Mac mini sold for $599 does not include a display, either. The most expensive Apple product listed on the store's website is the 12-core Mac pro for $3,799. At these exorbitant prices, it is hard to imagine 17 million Apple computers, 38 million iPods, 40 million iPads and 93 million iPhones were sold in 2011 alone. Reports even surfaced in China that a teenager sold a kidney to buy Apple products. With the skyrocketing demand of anything Apple, many have profited off the demand by selling Apple merchandise on the auction block.

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