5 Top Paid CEOs

The average American made around $41,600 in 2011 and according to analysis from The Associated Press, the average CEO of a public company made roughly $9.6 million the same year.

Becoming the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a Fortune 500 company is an impressive accomplishment for anyone. It is not an easy task being the top officer- you're responsible for the overall performance of the entire firm. The trade-off is that the CEO is generally highly compensated for the responsibility. A CEO's total compensation can be made up of salary, bonuses, stock awards, stock options, inventive plans, profit sharing, grants and other various payments. According to analysis from The Associated Press, the average CEO of the top 350 firms made roughly $14.1 million in 2012. Being at the helm has considerable financial rewards, and the top CEOs made far above the nation's average.

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