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The Adaptable Advisor

Managing Wealth in Unpredictable Times

Investors and financial advisors alike face a wide range of challenges, at home and in the broader financial climate. Advisors who can adapt to change and help clients plan ahead will be best positioned to add value in times of uncertainty.

Coming Up Next Week: The Future of Fees

The Future of Fees
Week of June 26

Is There Still a Place for Commissions in Financial Advice?

  • How Advisor Compensation Models Are Evolving
    by Tahnya Kristina
  • Eddy Elfenbein on Asset Fund Management Fees
Adapting to Your Niche
Week of June 19

Building a Business Around Underserved Clients

  • Advisors: Niche Clients Need You the Most
    by Michelle Zhou
  • What Type of Person Needs a Financial Advisor?
Advising Beyond Investments
Week of June 12

The Modern Value Add: Holistic Financial Planning

  • The Advisor Value Add: Holistic Financial Planning
    by Justin Kuepper
  • When Advisors Should Do More Than Manage Portfolios
What Clients Want to See
Week of June 5

How Can Advisors Improve to Meet New Client Demands?

  • 4 Steps to Upgrade Your Practice & Meet Client Demands
    by Tahnya Kristina
  • Customizing Sustainable Investment Solutions
Coping With a Cyber Attack
Week of May 29

Steps to Take if Your Firm Is Hacked

  • 4 Steps Advisors Should Take After a Cyber Attack
    by Justin Kuepper
  • Why is Cybersecurity so Important for Investors & Advisors?
Recruiting Millennial Talent
Week of May 22

Bridging the Generation Gap at Your Practice

  • Advisor Firms: How to Attract Younger Talent
    by Justin Kuepper
  • The Great Millennial Wealth Shift
Mitigating Client Biases
Week of May 15

Behavioral Finance Tips That Help With Biased Clients

  • Behavioral Finance Tips for Advising Your Clients
    by Justin Kuepper
  • Tony Robbins: Unshakeable
Advising the Global Investor
Week of May 8

Uncertain Foreign Policies: How to Safeguard Global Investments

  • How to Keep Clients With Global Investments on Track
    by Barbara A. Friedberg
  • Dan Russo on FTSE 100 Opportunities
Planning for Longevity
Week of May 1

Retirement Plans for Longer Lives

  • Retirement Planning for Clients Who Outlive Savings
    by Barbara A. Friedberg
  • How Much Should I Save for Retirement?
Make the Most of Future Tax Cuts
Week of April 24

Tax Planning Strategies Under Trump

  • Tax Planning Strategies for Changes Under Trump
    by Tahnya Kristina
  • Investing in an HSA
When the Bull Run Ends
Week of April 17

Preparing Clients for Market Downturns

  • How to Prepare Clients for Stock Market Downturns
    by Barbara A. Friedberg
  • Real Vision TV’s Raoul Pal on Market Confusion
If the Fiduciary Rule Dies
Week of April 10

How to Handle Regulatory Uncertainty

  • Fiduciary Rule Uncertainty: How Advisors Are Adapting
    by Barbara A. Friedberg
  • Tony Robbins on the Fiduciary Rule
Preparing for Rate Hikes
Week of April 1

Investment Strategies for Rising Interest Rates

  • When Interest Rates Rise: Best Investment Strategies
    by Tahnya Kristina
  • Factor High Interest Rates Into Your Investing

Coming Up Next Week:The Future of Fees

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