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Big Winners

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG) saw its shares leap upwards this week on scorching hot momentum, investors becoming increasingly bullish on the stock after much better than expected earnings were released to the market Tuesday morning. The Mexican-themed fast food chain, which currently operates over 450 locations, rang in a very strong Q4 performance, its bottom-line net income coming in at $4.3M ($0.16 per share). This beat analyst expectations across the board and marked a dramatic improvement from the same quarter last year, when the company saw a net loss of about $3.7M. CMG shares finished down a few percentage points during Friday's session, but still managed to end the week up almost 30%.

Seismic software company Input/Output Inc. (IO) also made out very well for itself this week on Wall Street. The stock closed Friday's session up almost 23% from its last week's closing price of $7.45. After paying out preferred stock dividends, the company's common shareholders were left with net earnings of $17.4M, or 19 cents per share. This represented a dramatic increase from last year's Q4, which saw the company incur a quarterly net loss of 3 cents per share. The company now expects to earn about 20 to 35 cents per share for the full year 2006.

Big Losers

The house of cards started falling down this week at GMH Communities Trust (GCT). The residential housing company, which provides rental accommodations to college and university students as well as members of the U.S. military and their families, is caught up in an accounting review which is causing a delay in the filing of its 2005 annual report and financial numbers. While the company's stock price had been rising steadily since the Spring of 2005, the uncertainty created by its accounting problems caused investors to flee the stock, running its share price down dramatically. While this mess is being worked through, the company is reviewing its alternatives for the future, including an outright purchase by the current chairman, Gary M. Holloway Sr.

Shares of managed care provider HealthSpring Inc. (HS) were in need of some TLC as well this week, investors selling the stock off a full 21% by the end of Friday's trading. The company, which has only been trading under the symbol HS on the NYSE for a few months now, released its first earnings report as a public company this Tuesday. Its numbers disappointed investors, posting a quarterly profit of $3.1M on revenue of $246.1M. While this marked a solid year-over-year improvement (Q4 last year saw the firm lose $13.4M on sales of only $159.2M), investors had priced-in much higher expected results and were quick to run for cover once earnings came out Tuesday - looks like the health care IPO has a some solid work ahead of itself if it hopes to nurse its share price back up to higher levels.

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