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The "talk" is now that the markets are correcting from the 50% rally that got ahead of itself. No one really knows what the S&P 500 is going to do each and every day. But I was a lot more excited about stocks several months ago than I am now.

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Buy When Others Sell
However, having studied Buffett since I was 12, I have come to realize that you will likely do better picking shares in quality companies when the market has a pullback and gives you a chance to own the same quality business for much less.

Ultimately, the key to investing is to put your money in places where you have a strong degree of confidence that your money will multiply over a period of years, not months. (For more, check out 4 Tips for Buying Stocks In A Recession.)

Be On The Lookout
(Nasdaq:CRESY) is an excellent candidate to keep a watch on. It's an Argentinean company that owns tons of farmland that is used to supply beef, wheat and milk to the rest of the world. It has partnerships with giants like Tyson Foods (NYSE:TSN). It also owns a majority stake in Argentinean real estate company IRSA (NYSE:IRS) which is worth over $200 million based on the market cap of IRSA.

At $12 and a market cap of approximately $600 million, it's trading slightly above book value, a figure that is understandably due to the appreciative nature of the land. Any chance to pick this gem up in the $10 range will likely reward investors who are patient.

American Oriental Bioengineering
(NYSE:AOB) is a leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products in China. The shares have pulled back to under $5 valuing the company at just under $400 million when you add in the small amount of debt.

AOB is working aggressively to become one of China's premier pharmaceutical companies in a highly fragmented market. Profits are growing and you are paying less than 6.5x next year's earnings. Like many drug companies, AOB derives a big chunk of its sales from a couple of drugs, so developing and acquiring new products is important.

Turn Fear Into Greed
At the height of panic mode in March, many securities were undeniably cheap. Take advantage of any further pullback to come in at better prices. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. (For related reading, check out 4 Characteristics Of Recession-Proof Companies.)

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