Value investors will always battle growth investors over where the best place is to put your money, and in the end both will consider themselves to be right. If you're one who prefers the prospects of companies with low P/Es, price/book and price /sales ratios, and superior dividend yields, the following will be of great interest to you. (For more on these ratios and other ratios used in analyzing financial statement information, see our Financial Ratios Tutorial.)

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Below we highlight a number of stocks that fit the bill on all fronts.

A Value Investor's Dream
Ameren Corporation
(NYSE:AEE) operates electric and natural gas transmission and distribution networks in Illinois and Missouri. The company's shares are a value investor's dream. They pay a yearly dividend of better than 6% and trade with a trailing P/E multiple of 9.50. More than this, the price to sales on the stock is 0.72 and the price to book is 0.77.

AEE is up by about 10% in the last six months' trade.

High Yields
Specialty Products Partners, L.P. (NYSE:CLMT) is another high yielding issue. This master limited partnership (MLP) currently pays a very healthy 11.6% and sports a P/E of just over 9. Price to sales on Calumet is a ridiculously low 0.24 and price to book a reasonable 1.18.

Calumet produces a variety of products by processing crude oil and other feedstocks into lubricating oils, solvents, waxes, gasoline, jet and diesel fuel. The stock is up over 150% from Q1 lows.

Champion Industries Inc.
(NYSE:CHMP) is a commercial printer, business forms manufacturer and office supplies specialist with common stock that yields over 12%. The company also has a trailing earnings multiple of slightly over seven times, a P/B of just 0.38 and a minute P/S of 0.13.

CHMP shares are up nearly 50% from 52-week lows set in March of this year.

China Play
WSP Holdings Limited
(NYSE:WH) is a unique operation. An American company with principal activities carried out exclusively through subsidiaries operating in China, WSP makes a number of specialty products used in the oil drilling and oil extraction processes.

WSP stock yields over 6% annually and trades with a P/E of just 5.4 times last year's earnings. Price to book and price to sales are 1.12 and 0.54 respectively. It's up over 110% since hitting lows in March of this year.

The Wrap
The above named stocks have good momentum behind them and possess all the characteristics of the best value stocks. Income and value investors take note: the numbers on these four issues are among the best going.

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