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Despite the recent global bull run in stocks, there are still pockets of value – stocks in a variety of sectors and markets that boast impressive fundamentals. We'll be looking at a few companies with solid dividends and an impressive payout record, that are either headquartered abroad or conduct a fair share of their business beyond America's borders.

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Worldwide Investments
W.P. Carey & Co. LLC
(NYSE:WPC) is an investment management outfit with assets worldwide and a consulting business focused on the real estate investment trust (REIT) market. Carey made the news recently after it raised its quarterly dividend, which currently offers investors a healthy 7.7% annually. The company has a tremendous record of raising its dividend every year since it went public, every quarter for the last 8 years. In other recent news, Carey just bought 21 of 52 floors of the New York Times Building in a sale-leaseback arrangement with The Times. The deal was worth $225 million.

W.P. Carey stock is up nearly 60% since its March low, and trades with a P/E multiple of 13.7. The company owns and manages 880 commercial properties worldwide.

Canadian Phones and Savings
Canadian telephone giant Telus Corporation (NYSE:TU) provides both landline and wireless services to Canadian consumers, primarily in western Canada. Here, too, the fundamentals are strong. Telus carries a P/E of just 8.70 and yields investors 6.4% annually. Perhaps most impressive, however, is its P/B ratio at a mere 1.3 times, and its price-to-sales multiple of only 0.98.

The company recently announced spending proposals for several Canadian provinces that will exceed $1 billion. Much of the investment will be directed toward developing the company's wireless capabilities in those provinces.

Bank of Montreal (NYSE:BMO) is one of Canada's largest financial institutions, with a market capitalization of about $21 billion. The bank's shares pay over 6% annually and trade with a trailing P/E of slightly over 15. The stock has exploded in the last four months, tacking on over 100% since its low in late February. Price-to-book ratio for BMO shares is 1.44.

British Smoke
British American Tobacco (NYSE:BTI) is headquartered in London, England, where it operates an imperial cigarette conglomerate that includes the Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike and Pall Mall brands. BTI pays a healthy 6.3% annual dividend and trades with a P/E of 13.7.

British American just last week closed a deal to acquire PT Bentoel Internasional Investama, an Indonesian cigarette manufacturer. BTI is Europe's largest cigarette maker.

The Wrap
There's plenty of yield and lots of good fundamentals for those willing to dig around in both local and foreign markets. The names above are just a few that still offer value investors some opportunities to consider. (Discover some issues that may complicate dividend payouts for investors in our article, Dividend Facts You May Now Know.)

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