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It's rare to come across a stock that fits everyone's investment parameters - fundamentalists, growth addicts and dividend chasers alike - and rarer still that those stocks emerge during a general equity pullback. But we've turned up three such winners: shares that have six months worth of rock-solid price appreciation, yield high dividends and carry low Price-Earnings (P/E) and Price-to-Book (P/B) ratios.

Here they are for your investment edification.

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In What Business?!

Walter Investment Management (NYSE: WAC) is engaged in (gasp!) providing subprime, non-conforming and other residential loans to customers across the southeastern United States.

Currently, the shares pay 11.5% annually and have a P/E ratio of just 2.58. And in case you think WAC is a stock that's bound to get whacked, think again. In the last six months, the company's shares rose over 22%, a far better showing than the broad financial sector, as represented by the Financial Select Sector SPDR (NYSE: XLF), which tacked on a mere 1% over the same period.

In the last three years, Walter Investment has grown sales by better than 97%, and for the last five years by 67%. It's little wonder the shares are hoarded by the institutional set, who own in excess of 74% of the company's float.

Walter Investment Management has a market cap of roughly $446 million.

Trading At Half The Company's Breakup Value

Kohlberg Capital (Nasdaq: KCAP) is a closed-end investment fund that invests in privately held, middle market companies. (Learn more about these funds in Uncovering Closed-End Funds.) The company's shares are up by 8.7% in the last six months despite the fact that the broad market, as represented by the S&P 500 SPDR ETF (NYSE: SPY), gained only 0.5%.

Kohlberg Capital pays an annual dividend of 14% and is valued at 4 times last year's earnings and just 0.5 times book value.

KCAP has a market cap just under $110 million and is 41% institutionally held.

The Sky's The Limit

Formerly known as Babcock & Brown, Fly Leasing (NYSE: FLY) is in the business of leasing out its fleet of 62 commercial jet aircraft. Based in Dublin, Ireland, the company has enjoyed tremendous share performance in 2010. Year to date, the stock is up almost 26%. It pays a 7.0% dividend and trades with a 5.8 P/E ratio.

P/B on FLY shares is a mere 0.7.

The Wrap

In a market that's off 10% from its highs for the year, some stocks have still powered ahead by at least that much. And some, like the above-mentioned trio, also offer great dividend yields and superior valuation measures - a little something for everyone.

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