Questions abound regarding the current direction of the equity market. In one camp are those who view the current European troubles and general market pullback as a temporary setback amid an ongoing economic expansion and bull market; they're buying the dips. The other camp is worried that we're due for a double-dip recession or worse, and that now is the time to bail out of equity positions and move to cash, regardless of how "safe" one considers one's holdings.

Outside of these two perspectives are the stocks that have rocketed higher since the year began and don't seem to pay any respect to what the broad market is doing. A few stocks on the Russell 3000 universe of stocks had at least doubled in price since the year began. That compares well against the iShares Russell 3000 Index ETF (NYSE:IWV), which is flat on the year. For those out there who fancy themselves stock pickers, did you find any of those double baggers?

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Cancer Treatment Technology
Stock in Delcath Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:DCTH) is up 100% year-to-date, and was up over 200% a couple of weeks ago. The company has developed a system that delivers high dosages of chemotherapy and other therapeutic agents to diseased areas or organs of the body. The stock climbed rapidly after recent results of its Phase 3 clinical trials far exceeded researchers' expectations.

Delcath's stock performance far exceeds the sector, as represented by the SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (NYSE:XBI), which is up less than 3% YTD.

Soaring Software
ACME Packet, Inc.
(NASDAQ:APKT) has soared almost 155% since New Year's after reporting record first-quarter results and raising guidance. The company provides software that allows voice, video and other real-time media to traverse network borders.

The Boston Globe recently ranked ACME as the fastest growing communications equipment company after revenue grew by 22% in 2009.

"Check Out" this Stock
Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (NYSE:BEE) is the owner/operator of a global portfolio of high-end and luxury hotels, including interest in such prestigious names as the The Four Season, Fairmont and Hyatt. The stock is up 150% YTD.

The Wrap
Whether the market is up or down, there will always be a good number of companies with skyrocketing stocks. Savvy investors will pay attention to potentially powerful quarterly earnings, takeover or merger activity, or the development or approval of a new product or service. (For more, check out Making A Winning Long-Term Stock Pick.)

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