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The shakiness in this market and macroeconomic concerns have had an adverse impact on stocks of just about all shapes and sizes. However, the good news is that the weakness in the equity markets has created what could prove to be a good opportunity for the patient investor. There are a number of high profile quality companies that have sold off and now trade at very attractive prices.

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Time To Hang From The RIMM?
Research In Motion (Nasdaq:RIMM), famous for its BlackBerry devices, has been under some pressure since the earlier part of May. Now is the time to have this stock on the radar screen because there are some positives to this story that many in the investment community are overlooking or ignoring. For instance, the earnings estimates for this year and next year have risen nicely over the last few months. Data indicates that 90 days ago the Street was at $5.05 a share and now the estimate is $5.42 a share. Meanwhile the estimate for next year is $5.91, whereas 90 days ago it was $5.33.

RIMM comes to mind because the company is expected to announce its first quarter earnings toward the latter part of June. Wall Street figures that the company will earn $1.34 a share, but yours truly believes it can beat out that number by a couple of cents. If I am on the mark with my speculation, that would draw attention to the shares. Note that the company has actually beaten out estimates in, count them proudly, three of the past four quarters.

There are other darling stocks that are now a little cheaper that look attractive too.

Darlings On The Radar Screen
Toward the middle of April Intel (Nasdaq:INTC) was trading at more than $24. Now it is at $21 and change. I see opportunity and that is because longer-term I am a solid believer that the demand for chips and technology that carries chips will be great in future years. A clearing economic picture should also bode well for this giant.

Note that the company has been doing well on the earnings front, consistently beating estimates the last few quarters, and data indicates the estimates have been rising as well. Moreover, it's a more attractive choice or pick than it's long time opponent AMD (NYSE:AMD). AMD seems to struggle to win the hearts of those in the investment community. And it may take several more quarters of it generating earnings beats for the investment community to really start to warm to that story.

Merck (NYSE:MRK), the drug giant, is another company that seems hard to resist. The stock traded at north of $37 at the beginning of April. Now it trades at under $33. Yet I would note that it has exceeded expectations in three of the last four periods, which earns my congratulations. Value guys may be interested to know that it trades at only 9.7 times this years present estimate. Its bottom line could do well as synergies from its combination with Schering are achieved.

Bottom Line
It is tough to see this market so volatile. But I like to look at it as a chance to do some homework and to keep a close eye on potential opportunities. My belief is that Research In Motion, Intel and Merck are all worth a closer look given the weakness in their share prices and future earnings potential. (For more, see The Cost And Consequences Of Bad Investment Advice.)

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