When a company hits a 52-week high or a multi-year high, there is a natural tendency to assume that the stock must be overvalued.

Sometimes this instinct is correct, and there is little chance of further gains. New highs don't always signal overvalue, however. Have you ever heard of Google (Nasdaq:GOOG)? How many people are kicking themselves right now because they sold out when the stock hit one of its countless new highs?

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If the underlying business is humming and the outlook remains solid, it's always possible that the shares could continue to make new highs. Of course, therein lies the key - trying to assess whether a company's prospects are bright. (For more on valuing companies, read our article Relative Valuation: Don't Get Trapped.)

Unfortunately, there is no sure fire way to test if a company has peaked. Analyzing companies can be very subjective. Two people can look at the same situation and come to two very different conclusions. Below is a list of companies that are trading near their 52-week highs and are deserving of additional research.


Market Cap

52-Week Range

Current Price

Coinstar Inc.(Nasdaq:CSTR)Consumer Goods2.06B$23.49-$67.56$64.87
Baidu, Inc(Nasdaq:BIDU)Technology37.43B$38.47-$115.04$107.28

Family Dollar Stores Inc.(NYSE:FDO)

Services 6.29B$27.15-$51.13$49.93
Under Armour, Inc(NYSE:UA)Consumer Goods2.85B$23.72-$57.22$55.92

Bottom Line
There's no guarantee that buying stocks that are at or near highs will yield gains. That said momentum coupled with solid fundamentals could potentially make for a solid investment. (Learn to buy high, and sell even higher in our related article Riding The Momentum Investing Wave.)

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