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After nearly a year of solid gains on the S&P 500, one would expect stocks with strong fundamentals to be a thing of the past. Yet for those willing to search in the nooks and crannies, there are still companies that shine brightly in the valuation sphere.

How To Make Your First $1 Million

Here are five such issues that are cheap by a number of widely respected fundamental measures.

France Telecom SA (NYSE:FTE) appears to be a stock that's got it all. With a market cap of nearly $59 billion, a one year trailing P/E ratio of 11.04 and a dividend yield of 7.15%, FTE looks like a value investing juggernaut. Add to this a steady dividend growth rate over the last five years and one is hard-pressed to find a downside. Moreover, price-to-sales on the shares is a mere 0.84 while price-to-book comes in at just 1.59.

Down Against its Peers
If there is a worry, it comes in the shape of the stock's performance over the last twelve months, when it registered a 4.5% loss against a 12.5% gain in the global telecom sector as measured by the ishares S&P Global Telecommunications Sector Index Fund (NYSE:IXP).

Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq:CMCSA) is a provider of internet, video and telephone cable services across the United States. The company has a market cap of $45 billion, pays an annual dividend of 2.4% and trades with a P/E of 14.69. CMCSA trades just above the company's breakup value, with a price/book of 1.06 and price-to-sales of 1.27. (Learn more about breakup value in Use Breakup Value To Find Undervalued Companies.)

Comcast is presently waiting regulatory approval to purchase NBC Universal from General Electric (NYSE:GE).

Chinese Energy Behemoth
China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (NYSE:SNP), better known as "Sinopec," is involved in all aspects of exploration and production of Chinese oil and gas as well as the production of numerous petrochemical products.

Sinopec has a very competitive P/E of 8.71 and the dividend yield is 2.59% per annum. Better still, the company's shares trade at a mere 0.84x sales.

National Grid Plc (NYSE:NGG) is a British based electric and gas utility that also serves five million customers across the New England states. NGG has a dividend yield of 4.47% and trades with a P/E of 12.92 and a Price/Sales ratio of 1.02.

The Wrap
They exist: big cap names with impressive fundamentals, even after a full year's worth of gains. By most value investing parameters, the above four names qualify as worthy candidates for the buy list.

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