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Even in this fairly pricey environment, with many stocks reaching their 52-week highs and some their all-time highs, there are still some bargains out there. Investors just have to search.

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The Overlooked, Neglected
Irish global construction firm CRH (NYSE:CRH) is trading at $28.40 a share, with a 52-week price range of $30 to $21 a share, so it's not super-cheap. It is, however, trading at a PE of 9 and a forward multiple of 20, so it has some real bargain potential. The value in this company, though, is its tremendous global footprint, its excellent management and its future prospects. The next few years should find CRH greatly expanding its business. CRH is attractive.

The Unwanted
Dry bulk shipping is not the sexiest industry. In much the same way as fertilizer, it was also an un-sexy bubble. Dry Ships Inc. (NYSE:DRYS) is trading in the $6 range, and has negative earnings. Nobody's quite sure where or when the dry bulk shipping trade is going to take off. Yes, it's speculative, volatile and the stock prices, along with the earnings, gyrate like crazy. There's even the risk of piracy on the high seas.

With those encouraging words out of the way, this is an industry that's highly cyclical and can make a lot of money. Three years ago Dry Ships stock traded at nearly $120. We won't even make the case that this is a value stock. It's really a high spec stock, a risk for that small part of your portfolio that even most value investors have - even Buffett does, with his derivatives!

In Plain Sight
Low-price, mega-cap, high dividend, boring: Verizon (NYSE:VZ), is perhaps as dull a stock as Dry Ships is exciting. The dividend of over 6% alone makes Verizon an interesting income consideration. Also, the stock is languishing at $29 a share, right near its 52-week low in a market that is seeing highs. That puts it in the value class, too.

It's difficult to figure out the future of wireless and the telecoms, but Verizon still has the potential to be a strong player even in the increasingly mobile device oriented world. There is still the possibility of growth there, too. The PE of 34 is not attractive, but the rest of it is. If everything were in the sweet spot about it, it wouldn't be available as a bargain.

AT&T (NYSE:T) and Century Tel/Link (NYSE:CTL) might be as good, with Century Tel the better bet.

Bargain Hunting as a Method
If you are they type of investor who likes to dig and has the patience to find out-of-favor companies, you can still make a lot of money with this time-tested method. It's something John Templeton, Warren Buffett and other great investors have done. Even in a pricey market there are usually some good bargains, just practice looking for them. (For more stock ideas, see Safe Dividends In Oil And Gas.)

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