On a day-to-day basis, most stock tend not to have dramatic price movements. However, material news/information that is fundamental to an industry, sector or stock's business does get released periodically. This type of news has the potential to move a stock by several percentage points (in either direction). While it is a measure of prestige, a stock's inclusion into the S&P500 does not protect the stock to downward movements.
But even if a stock has already moved, it might still warrant a look. After good news, a stock may increase in value, but this momentum can often continue on for more upside. Likewise, bad news often knocks down a stock's price more than is warranted, causing it to sell at bargain levels until the price moves back up.

Check out which S&P 500 components made the biggest moves in October. By comparison, the entire S&P 500 was up 3.4% and the DJIA was up 3% over the same period. (For related reading, see How Now, Dow? What Moves The DJIA?)

October's Best-Performing S&P500 Stocks



Market Cap

King Pharmaceutical(NYSE:KG)



Monster Worldwide, Inc(NYSE:MWW)



Massey Energy(NYSE:MEE)



CF Industries Holdings, Inc.(NYSE:CF)



Wynn Resorts Ltd. (Nasdaq:WYNN)



October's Worst-Performing S&P500 Stocks



Market Cap

Apollo Group Inc (Nasdaq:APOL)



Marshall & Ilsley Corporation (NYSE:MI)



First Horizon National Corp. (NYSE:FHN)



JDS Uniphase Corporation(Nasdaq:JDSU)



Lexmark International Inc.(NYSE:LXK)



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