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The equity markets have roared back to life in recent trading sessions, and the upward trend has made for improving technical indicators for many stocks, especially in the small cap space. Investors on the prowl have been able to run away with some outsized gains in the space as this movement has unfolded. Here are four technically-sound stocks with market caps between $250 million and $500 million that have been jumping up the charts. (To help you pick stocks which is align with your investment objectives, read How To Pick A Stock.)

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Staying Pure
The healthcare and medical water products company Cantel Medical (NYSE:CMN) strung together a big June as its stock price surged 13.5% during the month. This spike was fueled by the company's fiscal Q3 results which included a 16.0% pop in EPS and record revenue which was 24.1% above the prior year quarter.

Cantel has put together a good tape since its 50-day moving average broke above its 200-day moving average back in November. The stock had been meeting resistance around $28.00 recently, but has steadily been grinding its way higher. CMN's next big test will be in making a run above $30.00.

The watch maker Movado Group (NYSE:MOV) has assembled a nice little scorcher of its own over the past few months. MOV shares are up about 16% over the past six months. The 50-day moving average of this stock blew past the 200-day moving average in December and has been holding strong in the months since. (To learn more about moving average, check out Weighted Moving Averages: The Basics.)

Just for Kicks
The footwear retailer Shoe Carnival (Nasdaq:SCVL) has been on a tear since this time last month. The stock has rallied 26.3% during this period. The 50-day moving average for Shoe Carnival's stock price has maintained a healthy gap over its 200-day moving average since mid-November.

The move that Shoe Carnival investors have seen is more than just a technical rally however. The company is coming off of a record Q1 from an earnings standpoint as comparable store sales were up 3.4% year-over-year. Shoe Carnival has experienced strength in its athletic footwear and women's sandal lines.

One other stock that has been displaying some great technical characteristics is Winn-Dixie Stores (Nasdaq:WINN). The grocery store chain has erupted for a 30.2% gain during the course of the past three months. In late May, the 50-day moving average sliced above the 200-day moving average for this stock and has been off to the races ever since.

The Bottom Line
For technically savvy investors, they have been a number of great buying opportunities during the course of the last week or so. The small cap space has been looking up with a number of appealing candidates including those mentioned in this article. Investors should look beyond technical indicators, but they can serve as a good starting point when scouring for shorter term investing opportunities. (To help you understand technical analysis, read Introduction To Technical Analysis Price Patterns.)

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