Regular investors routinely "coattail" the securities holdings of mutual funds, portfolio managers and high profile investors in hopes of generating a high rate of return, but, unfortunately, few professionals have truly been worth effort over long periods. They simply lack the ability to generate consistent and solid returns year in and year out. The exception, of course, is Warren Buffett.


Buffett isn't an active trader who constantly darts in and out of stocks. His investing style can best be summed up as "", a strategy he likely picked up as a student of legendary investor . (To learn more, check out )

Eliminated by Buffett

Buffett does trim/eliminate his positions periodically. A stock's fundamentals do change over time and the strengths/competitive advantages that a company once had may no longer be around.

Here are 5 stocks that Buffett has eliminated from his holdings in the 4th quarter of 2010:


Market Cap

Position\'s value

Back of America(NYSE:)


$74 million

Comcast Corp. (NYSE:)


$4.2 million

Nike, Inc. (NYSE:)


$312 million

Nalco Holding Company (NYSE:)


$165 million

Lowe\'s Companies Inc. (NYSE:)


$164 million

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