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There are millions of tweets written every day. Benzinga sifts through the maelstrom of information to find the ten best tweets of the day that are either informative, insightful, or just down right comical.

1. Lawrence McDonald

Lawrence McDonald (@Convertbond) of LGM Group tweeted about the recent market run up. He noted how this market has been on a historical run, one not seen since 1952.

2. Keith McCullough

Keith McCullough (@KeithMcCullough), CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management, tweeted an interesting quote from Thomas Paine this morning. Although the quote was a sarcastic pun about the market's focus on Greece, it is interesting nonetheless.

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3. Pawel Morski

Pawel Morski (@Pawelmorski) tweeted an interesting chart this morning. It shows that the pension deficits of the largest 100 companies in the U.S. have narrowed over the past year and a half while the U.K.'s situation has soured to match that of the U.S.

4. CNNMoney

CNNMoney (@CNNMoney) tweeted an article from its site. The article details how China and the EU have struck a deal over solar panel imports.

5. Admiral Road Capital

Admiral Road Capital (@AdmiralRoadCap) tweeted a Wall Street Journal article that highlights the accuracy of many of the Fed officials. They note that the more dovish members of the Fed tended to be more accurate than the more hawkish members as inflation has yet to return in any sizable way to the U.S. economy.

6. ForexLive

ForexLive (@ForexLive) tweeted a news headline out of Greece. They note that Greece is making progress on its privatization efforts as it moves forward with the sale of a stake in Eurobank.

7. Paul R. La Monica

Paul R. La Monica (@LaMonicaBuzz) of The Buzz on CNNMoney tweeted a semi-sarcastic reaction to a large M&A deal this morning. This morning, Perrigo (NYSE: PRGO) announced its intention to acquire Elan (NYSE: ELN) in a cash and stock deal (read more M&A news here).

8. Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV) tweeted an interview with Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP Group. He is skeptical that the Omnicon (NYSE: OMC) and Publicis (OTC: PUBGY) merger will yield the anticipated rewards.

9. Reuters Business

Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) tweeted a news headline relating to American International Group (NYSE: AIG). They note that former CEO Greenberg just won a key legal battle.

10. WSJ China Real Time

WSJ China Real Time (@ChinaRealTime) tweeted an article that had the best news about China; the Chinese government is now launching a PandaCam which will give a 24-hour live stream of the Chengdu Research Base where China breeds giant pandas.

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