Regardless of the state of the economy, there will always be stocks reaching new highs. These companies thrive by adapting to the changing needs of their consumers and take the lead while their competitors falter. While overzealous bulls can push a stock into being overvalued, this might not be the case if the company's earnings also grow accordingly. Most importantly, companies that have recently hit a new 52 week high may (in the short run) have the momentum to keep going up and may signal the beginnings of a new long term upward trend.

The broad range of companies shown in the table below suggests that the bulls are sending stocks from every sector higher. Many investors may want to check into the stocks listed below to see if these momentum plays fit their investing style.

Industry Market Cap
52-Week Range
Current Price
Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. (NYSE:AEM)Gold12.2B$49.64-78.28$77.59
Autodesk Inc(Nasdaq:ADSK)Technical & System Software8.23B$22.50-36.29$36.20
eBay Inc.(Nasdaq:EBAY)
Catalog & Mail Order Houses38.93$19.06-29.90$29.86
Seacor Holdings Inc.(Nasdaq:CKH)Shipping2.01B$67.01-97.34$94.75
Corn Products International Inc. (NYSE:CPO)Processed & Packaged Goods3.2B$26.23-42.88$42.55

Bottom Line
Five stocks in five different industries at different points in their business cycle. These stocks are hitting highs in their 52-week trading ranges and could cause many investors to take a closer look. With that said, all investors need to look at the businesses, analyze the financials and decide whether these are stocks are ripe for further appreciation or if they have peaked or are otherwise overvalued. (To learn more, check out Buy High, Sell Much Higher.)

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