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Boston Properties (NYSE:BXP) will release its third quarter results on Tuesday, October 23, 2012. Analysts are expecting earnings per share of $1.18 after the company booked a profit of only $1.28 a share a year earlier.

Earnings are perhaps the single most studied number in a company's financial statements because they show a company's profitability. SEE: 12 Things You Need To Know About Financial Statements

What to Expect: Analysts are anticipating that Boston Properties will report earnings of $1.18 per share, down 7.8% from a year ago, when the company reported earnings of $1.28 per share.

The consensus estimate is down from $1.24 three months ago, but it hasn't changed in the last month. For the fiscal year, analysts are expecting earnings of $4.88 per share.

Boston Properties is expected to report revenue of $449.4 million for the quarter, down by 2.9% from last year's figure of $462.9 million. Boston Properties is expected to report revenue of $1.79 billion for the fiscal year.

Company Performance: Revenue for Boston Properties has been on the rise for four consecutive quarters. It increased 11% to $494.2 million in the second quarter. Prior to that, the figure rose 8.1% in the first quarter, 66.9% in the fourth quarter of the last fiscal year and 15.8% in the third quarter of the last fiscal year.

BXP has a P/E ratio of 46.3, high compared to the industry average of 14.47. Usually, if a stock has a high P/E ratio, it indicates that the market expects the company to grow earnings quickly in the future. A simple P/E ratio can reveal the stock's real market value and show how the valuation compares to its industry group or a benchmark like the S&P 500 Index. A high or low P/E ratio is not good or bad in and of itself, but a company trading with a high P/E ratio must continue to post strong financial performance or its stock price is likely to fall. SEE: Profit With The Power Of Price-To-Earnings

The stock price has risen slightly over the past quarter, from $109.93 on July 20, 2012 to its current price, $110.13. Boston Properties' worst recent stretch was when its stock price fell $3.53 per share between September 14, 2012 and September 20, 2012.

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