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The market has been slipping so far today. The Nasdaq is down 0.2%; the S&P 500 has fallen 0.4%; and the Dow has decreased 0.6%.

The Gold and Silver sector (SLV) is currently ahead of the overall market, down only 0.1%, and its biggest movers are currently:
CompanyMarket CapPercentage Change
AuRico Gold (NYSE:AUQ)$1.81 billion+15.3%
Seabridge Gold, Inc (NYSE:SA)$793.4 million-2.4%
Silvercorp Metals Inc (NYSE:SVM)$1.05 billion-2.3%
Eldorado Gold Corporation (NYSE:EGO)$10.21 billion-1.9%
Yamana Gold Inc (NYSE:AUY)$13.87 billion+1.7%
Hecla Mining (NYSE:HL)$1.84 billion-1.6%
IAMGOLD Corporation (NYSE:IAG)$5.93 billion+1.2%
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AuRico Gold (NYSE:AUQ) has soared 15.3% to reach a current price of $7.40 per share. This morning, the company is trading a volume of 10.4 million shares. If a stock price makes a big move up or down, volume lets us know the significance of that move.

Seabridge Gold, Inc (NYSE:SA) is down 2.4% to reach $17.83 per share. The company's volume is currently 140,544 shares for the day, consistent with its average over the last three months. Volume is used to evaluate how meaningful the price movement of a stock is.

At $6.02, Silvercorp Metals Inc (NYSE:SVM) has slipped 2.3%. So far today, 1.1 million shares of the company's stock have changed hands. This is greater than yesterday's volume of one million shares. Volume indicates the level of interest that investors have in a company at its current price.

After a decline of 1.9%, Eldorado Gold Corporation (NYSE:EGO) has hit a share price of $14.05. So far today, the company's volume is 3.6 million shares, 0.8 times the current daily average. If a stock is trading on low volume, then there is not much interest in the stock. On the other hand, if a stock is trading on high volume, then there is a lot of interest in the stock.

Yamana Gold Inc (NYSE:AUY) has increased to a share price of $18.78, a 1.7% rise. The company is currently trading a volume of 3.6 million shares. Volume is also used as a secondary indicator to help confirm what the price movement is suggesting.

Hecla Mining (NYSE:HL) has decreased to $6.35 per share, a 1.6% fall. The company's volume for the day so far is 2.5 million shares, in keeping with its current three-month average. High volume indicates a lot of investor interest while low volume indicates the opposite.

IAMGOLD Corporation (NYSE:IAG) has moved up 1.2% and is currently trading at $15.95 per share. The company's volume is currently 1.3 million shares. This is on pace to reach yesterday's trading volume of 2.6 million shares. When a stock price moves up or down, watching the volume is a good way of identifying how significant that shift is.

The Bottom Line On any given day, a particular stock may see positive or negative change in its share price. It is important to weigh current activity against historical performance when making any investment decisions. Keep in mind that all these ratios should be compared against historical numbers and industry information in order to get a more complete picture.

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