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  1. Free & operating cash flows: What's the Difference?

  2. How do you read a P&L statement?

  3. What is the Difference Between Operating Income and Net Income?

  4. How do I value the shares that I own in a private company?

  5. How do I become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)?

  6. What is the difference between tangible and intangible assets?

  7. What is a good debt ratio, and what is a bad debt ratio?

  8. Can working capital be depreciated?

  9. Do working capital funds expire?

  10. How much working capital does a small business need?

  11. What does high working capital say about a company's financial prospects?

  12. How can working capital affect a company's finances?

  13. What can working capital be used for?

  14. What does low working capital say about a company's financial prospects?

  15. Do dividends affect working capital?

  16. Do prepayments provide working capital?

  17. Does working capital include salaries?

  18. What is a profit and loss (P&L) statement and why do companies publish them?

  19. How do dividends affect the balance sheet?

  20. Are dividends considered an expense?

  21. Do dividends go on the balance sheet?

  22. What are some examples of general and administrative expenses?

  23. How do dividend distributions affect additional paid in capital?

  24. When does the fixed charge coverage ratio suggest that a company should stop borrowing ...

  25. Why can additional paid in capital never have a negative balance?

  26. How does additional paid in capital affect retained earnings?

  27. What can working capital turnover ratios tell a trader?

  28. How can I find net margin by looking a company's financial statements?

  29. What is a negative write-off?

  30. What metrics can be used when evaluating a telecommunications company to ensure its ...

  31. What do I do if I think an accountant is in violation of the Generally Accepted Accounting ...

  32. How do you record adjustments for accrued revenue?

  33. How can I use the funds from operations to total debt ratio to assess risk?

  34. What are some common financial sampling methods?

  35. What is the formula for calculating free cash flow in Excel?

  36. How do you calculate the quick ratio?

  37. What is the formula for calculating the receivables turnover ratio?

  38. What advantages does a company have using international financial reporting standards ...

  39. What are some examples of items that count as comprehensive income?

  40. What key conditions might explain a company's declining net sales in spite of increasing ...

  41. What sectors have higher exposure to inherent risk?

  42. What is the average price-to-book ratio in the utilities sector?

  43. How do you calculate company equity?

  44. Why is accrued revenue not collected during the current accounting period?

  45. What is the difference between accrued revenue and accrued interest?

  46. What is the formula for calculating return on assets (ROA) in Excel?

  47. What is the difference between accrued revenue and unrealized revenue?

  48. What is the formula for calculating the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio in Excel?

  49. Why do banks write off bad debt?

  50. What is the difference between a write-off and a writedown?

  51. What are some good online resources for me to learn about Generally Accepted Accounting ...

  52. What is the difference between earnings and profit?

  53. How do you calculate shareholder equity?

  54. How is minimum transfer price calculated?

  55. What is the effective interest method of amortization?

  56. Is there a way to include intangible assets in book-to-market ratio calculations?

  57. What does an unfavorable variance indicate to management?

  58. What are some of the limitations and drawbacks of using a payback period for analysis?

  59. What are common concepts and techniques of managerial accounting?

  60. How are fixed costs treated in cost accounting?

  61. When would a vendor care about its accounts payable turnover ratio?

  62. What are some examples of debit notes in business-to-business transactions?

  63. How is abatement cost accounted for on financial statements?

  64. What types of assets may be considered off balance sheet (OBS)?

  65. What is prime cost in managerial accounting?

  66. What is the difference between shareholder equity and net tangible assets?

  67. What are typical examples of capitalized costs within a company?

  68. When might a business incur abatement costs?

  69. How are net tangible assets calculated?

  70. Why should investors be wary of off balance sheet financing activities?

  71. What are typical forms of capital assets within a manufacturing company?

  72. Why do companies often treat events such as the purchase of an asset or construction ...

  73. On which financial statement does a company list its raw material costs?

  74. What are examples of inherent risk?

  75. How does a company record profits using the equity method?

  76. What are typical forms of long-term debt for a public company?

  77. What is the difference between the equity method and the proportional consolidation ...

  78. What are common scenarios in which managerial accounting is appropriate?

  79. Is goodwill considered a form of capital asset?

  80. Are capital assets normally immediately expensed or are they amortized/depreciated ...

  81. What are the most common business deductions and expenses for small businesses?

  82. Which contra accounts are the best for indicating profitability in a company?

  83. Should you calculate Value at Risk (VaR) for counterparty credit risk?

  84. In which industries is Average Collection Period most important?

  85. How can a business set social responsibility goals?

  86. How is inherent risk assessed by an auditor?

  87. How do marketable securities impact a company's financial statements?

  88. Is intellectual property considered a form of capital asset within a company?

  89. How might a company's contingent liabilities affect its share price?

  90. What types of future events are taking into account for contingent liability?

  91. How long can a building owner or landlord depreciate a leasehold improvement?

  92. How does transfer pricing affect managerial accounting?

  93. How is residual value of an asset determined?

  94. Where can I find fiscal year data for publicly traded corporations?

  95. What does it mean when airline revenues are adjusted for air traffic liability?

  96. Can pro forma financial statements be more helpful to analysts and investors than ...

  97. What do regulators think of Value at Risk (VaR)?

  98. How does bank reconciliation affect a cash control policy?

  99. Why do companies release financial figures in terms of fully diluted shares outstanding?

  100. What is the minimum number of simulations that should be run in Monte Carlo Value ...

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