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  1. How a Death Benefit in a Variable Annuity Works

  2. Estate Planning: 16 Things Prince (and You) Should Have Done

  3. This Annuity Robo Wants to Transform the Market

  4. DIY Annuities: What You Need to Know

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  8. Tips to Help Retirees Combat Low Interest Rates

  9. Top Tips for Buying Annuities

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  11. Retirees: How to Survive When Interest Rates Drop

  12. The Top 4 Income Investments for Retirees in 2016

  13. 3 Variable Annuities to Consider

  14. How to Hedge Longevity Risk with Annuities

  15. An Annuity Lowdown for Investors and Advisors

  16. 3 Safer Income-Oriented Asset Classes for Retirees in 2016

  17. How to Avoid Overpriced Annuities

  18. Powerball Mania: Take the Annuity?

  19. Avoid the Social Security Tax Trap

  20. Indexed Annuities and New DoL Rules: What to Know

  21. Options for Your 401(k) at Retirement

  22. Are QLACs the Next Big Thing for Retirement?

  23. What the Fiduciary Proposal Means for Annuities

  24. Estate Planning Tips for Tax-Deferred Investments

  25. Top Retirement Choice: Dividend Stock or Annuity?

  26. How to Calculate the Value of Annuities

  27. Buying Annuities in a Low Interest Rate World

  28. Pairing Annuities and Target Date Funds: Top Tips

  29. Rising Rates and Annuities: What You Shoud Know

  30. Are Annuities Retirement-Only Investments?

  31. Do You Have a Crummy 401(k)?

  32. This Is How Retirees Live On $1 Million Dollars

  33. State Guarantee Associations: The Payer of Last Resort

  34. Variable Annuities: The Pros and Cons

  35. Prudential Financial's Profits Run on this Product

  36. When Annuities Are the Wrong Investment

  37. Annuities Vs. Bonds: Which One Is Better For You?

  38. Why Are Annuities Important for Retirement?

  39. The 4 Best Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance

  40. Life Insurance & Annuities: Sound Investments?

  41. Biggest Life Insurance Companies in the US (PRU, MET)

  42. How Retirees Should Prepare for a Rate Hike (VBMFX, VFSUX)

  43. How to Spot a Bad Annuity

  44. All About Impaired Risk Annuites and Insurance

  45. How to Use Annuities for Retirement Income

  46. How Are Variable Annuities Taxed?

  47. Longevity Annuity Tax Rules: What You Need to Know

  48. Retirement Tips: Choose the Best Annuity Provider

  49. Variable Annuities with Guaranteed Benefit Options

  50. The Top 5 Fixed Annuities for the Risk Averse

  51. Choosing The Best Charitable Gift Annuity

  52. Variable Annuities: A Good Retirement Investment?

  53. Annuities and Baby Boomers: The Pros and Cons

  54. Don't Fall for Annuity Salespeople's Fearmongering

  55. Top Annuity Tax Deferral Strategies

  56. Retirement Planning for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

  57. Best Ways to Save For Retirement Without an IRA or 401(k)

  58. Top Retirement Prep Questions to Ask Clients

  59. How MetLife Became a Global Insurance Giant

  60. Is Your Financial Advisor Looking Out for You?

  61. Understanding Regulations on Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts

  62. A Guide to Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts

  63. Pension Annuity vs. Lump Sum: Which is Best?

  64. Are Annuities Right for You?

  65. Are Longevity Annuities in 401(k)s a Good Idea?

  66. Monthly Pension Or Lump-Sum: Which Is Better?

  67. Immediate Annuities: What To Watch Out For

  68. Tips To Beat Inflation For Near-Retireees

  69. Are Equity-Indexed Annuities Right For You?

  70. Watch Your Back In The Annuity Game

  71. Build A Wall Around Your Assets

  72. Immediate Annuities: More Income and Lower Taxes

  73. 5 Ways To Fund Your Retirement

  74. Should You Roll Over Your 401(k)?

  75. LTC Annuities: 2 Safety Nets In 1

  76. Substantially Equal Periodic Payment (SEPP): Learn The Rules

  77. 5 Ways To Stretch Your Retirement Budget

  78. Top 10 Tips For A Financially Safe Retirement

  79. 11 Things You May Not Know About Your IRA

  80. Living And Death Benefit Riders: How Do They Work?

  81. Make No-Load Annuities Your Viable Alternative

  82. Passing The Buck: The Hidden Costs Of Annuities

  83. Combining Your Plan Assets? Not So Fast!

  84. Special Trusts For Special Needs

  85. Longevity Insurance for a Comfortable Retirement

  86. Is Annuitization Your Best Strategy?

  87. How Good a Deal is an Indexed Annuity?

  88. How To Avoid Going Broke After Retirement

  89. Weave Your Own Retirement Safety Net

  90. Guaranteed Retirement Income In Any Market

  91. 7 Tools For Rebuilding Retirement Savings

  92. Protect Assets, Create Income, Retire Happy

  93. Not All Retirement Accounts Should Be Tax-Deferred

  94. Should Your 401(k) Be In An Annuity?

  95. Are You Protected If Your Insurance Company Goes Belly-Up?

  96. Build Your Own Annuity

  97. How To Get The Most Out Of A 401(k) Program

  98. The Best Retirement Account For You

  99. How Retirement Programs Vary Worldwide

  100. Why You Need A Plan For Long-Term Care

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