Bear Market


  1. Adapt To A Bear Market

    Learn how your portfolio should evolve to suit bear market conditions.
  2. Profiting In Bear And Bull Markets

    There are many ways to profit in both bear and bull markets. The key to success is ...
  3. How To Adjust Your Portfolio In A Bear Or Bull ...

    While investors shouldn’t feel compelled to change their portfolios radically overnight ...
  4. Triple Screen Trading System - Part 4

    How can a trader use the Elder-Ray oscillator as the second screen of this system? ...
  5. Invest Like A Pro

    By following the strategies of the pros, even a beginner can learn to invest like ...
  6. Major Indexes Near Pre-Recession Levels: Is History ...

    The markets look to be moving back to where they were before the recession. Does ...

Stock Analysis

  1. How To Get Ready For The Next Bear Market

    After a torrid run, the stock market may finally be seeing some cracks. Recent data ...
  2. Bull Vs. Bear - Apple Is On Its Way Down

    All good things come to an end.
  3. Bull Vs. Bear - A Deal For The Fiscal Cliff Won't ...

    Congress will wait for 2013 to tackle the fiscal cliff issues.
  4. Bull Vs. Bear - The Special Dividend Tactic Is ...

    The markets are littered with companies that waste money overpaying for share repurchases ...
  5. Bull Vs. Bear: Canuck Oil Is Safest, But Pure ...

    For those who think it's time to invest in Canadian oil - think again.
  6. Bull Vs. Bear - Google Has Bitten Off More Internet ...

    There's nothing to worry about with Google's new Internet.

Slide Shows

  1. 6 Hot Careers With Lots Of Jobs

    Despite the high unemployment rate, there are some careers with above-average prospects.
  2. Obtaining Credit In A Bad Economy

    Recessions can put the brakes on lending. Learn how to get the loan you need during ...
  3. 8 Signs Of A Doomed Stock

    Companies provide distress signals long before they go under. Find out how to read ...
  4. 7 Ways To Position Yourself For Recovery

    Preparing yourself for an economic turnaround can give you great peace of mind.
  5. 7 Tips On Buying A Home In A Down Market

    Follow these seven tips to get a leg up on rival bargain hunters.
  6. 8 Ways To Survive A Market Downturn

    Stay calm, play dead and keep your eyes open for attractive valuations.
Investopedia Features
  1. Choosing Quality Mutual Funds

    Our step-by-step mutual fund scoring system will help you uncover the top-quality funds.
  2. Guide to Stock Picking Strategies

    Learn about the most popular stock-picking strategies, including their philosophies, methods, and tools.
  3. Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

    Learn what it means to do your homework before investing in a company.
  4. World's Greatest Investors

    Here you can read about the backgrounds and achievements of those people who have mastered the art of investing.
  5. The Industry Handbook

    Take a look at the various techniques to determine the value and quality of companies from an industry perspective.
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