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Bonds And Fixed Income

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  1. What's the difference between bills, notes and bonds?

  2. Do convertible bonds have voting rights?

  3. Why should investors pick less risky investments as they approach retirement?

  4. Can a bond be traded over-the-counter?

  5. My certificate of deposit (CD) has just matured and I plan to contribute $10,000 ...

  6. Is there a limit to how many stocks and/or bonds an interested investor can buy?

  7. What are the risks of investing in a bond?

  8. How many types of markets can an investor choose from?

  9. Does issuing preferred shares offer a tax advantage for corporations?

  10. Why do commercial bills have higher yields than T-bills?

  11. Are eurodollars related to the currency called the euro?

  12. Why do low interest rates cause investors to shy away from the bond market?

  13. Why doesn't the price of a callable bond exceed its call price when interest rates ...

  14. How should I estimate my income from fixed sources like bonds, CDs and stocks?

  15. Can a bond have a negative yield?

  16. What is the difference between convertible and reverse convertible bonds?

  17. What are 'death spiral' convertible bonds?

  18. What are "I Bonds" and how can I buy them?

  19. A corporate bond I own has just been called by the issuer. How can a company legally ...

  20. Why do companies issue debt and bonds? Can't they just borrow from the bank?

  21. What does "in street name" mean, and why are securities held this way?

  22. Can private corporations issue convertible bonds?

  23. What is accrued interest, and why do I have to pay it when I buy a bond?

  24. Why do longer term CDs pay a higher rate than the short-term CDs?

  25. Why are the bid prices of T-bills higher than the ask prices? Aren't bids supposed ...

  26. Is it possible to short sell a bond?

  27. What does investment grade mean?

  28. Why do interest rates tend to have an inverse relationship with bond prices?

  29. What's the difference between short-term investments in marketable securities and ...

  30. What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying stocks instead of bonds?

  31. How does a person gain from an investment?

  32. Why do companies issue 100-year bonds?

  33. Where does the stock come from when convertible bonds are converted to stock?

  34. If I buy a $1,000 bond with a coupon of 10% and a maturity in 10 years, will I receive ...

  35. I have several CDs in my IRA with different maturities. Can I roll them over to another ...

  36. What is the difference between yield and return?

  37. How does an investor make money on bonds?

  38. If different bond markets use different day-count conventions, how do I know which ...

  39. What is a stripped bond?

  40. Calculate the total return of the municipal bond described below.

  41. Are long-term U.S. government bonds risk-free?

  42. Where can I get bond market quotes?

  43. What is the difference between a blend fund and a balanced fund?

  44. I have a short period of time (1 year or less) during which I will have money to ...

  45. What is the difference between municipal bonds and standard money market funds?

  46. Do long-term bonds have a greater interest rate risk than short-term bonds?

  47. Is there such a thing as a foolproof stock-picking strategy?

  48. What is a convertible bond?

  49. Are all bank accounts insured by the FDIC?

  50. What is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to buy a bond?

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